Nevada’s Largest County Still Counting Votes

There’s no question that Mitt Romney won the Nevada Caucuses last night, but that’s about all we know because the most populous county in the state has only turned in about half of its votes so far:

The voting ended half a day ago. The networks have called the race. The GOP presidential candidates have delivered their speeches and left the state.

And, still, party officials in Nevada’s largest county continue to count the vote.

“We are going to get this right,” Clark County Chairman David Gibbs told the Las Vegas Sun today. “If it takes us a little bit of time to get it rights, we are going to take the time.”

Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney was declared the victor of the Nevada caucuses Saturday evening, based on results from the rest of the state and entrance polls conducted by major media organizations.

With 70 percent of the vote counted, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was in second place, with U.S. Rep. Ron Paul trailing in third by just shy of 1,000 votes.

After working until 4 a.m. Sunday, a handful of a volunteers resumed working through boxes of paper ballots this morning, verifying the vote count done at each precinct nearly 24 hours ago.

County party officials were unwilling to release the numbers from the precinct counts until each ballot was certified. And they are doing it all by hand.

“We want to make sure the count at the precinct was accurate,” Gibbs said.

With just half of the vote counted, officials have already discovered some discrepancies. In some precincts, the number of ballots did not match the number of voters who signed in to participate in the caucus.

Gibbs said the ballots in those precincts are being set aside so officials can decide how to deal with the problem. He declined to estimate how many votes were in question.

State party secretary Jim DeGraffenreid said they are still determining “the facts” and then will decide how to proceed, but acknowledged the ballots from those precincts may be dumped from the results.

“That is a possibility,” he said.

Two caucuses inside of a month with problems counting and verifying votes. Isn’t it time we stopped picking Presidential nominees using a method better suited to candidates for County Sheriff in 1912?

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  1. David M says:

    Apparently they learned the wrong lesson from watching Iowa.

  2. dianna says:

    Ron Paul is for the common man and his right to freedom from Big Govt dictates. This is exactly why he will never be allowed to become the Pres….because he is not, and never will be, owned by big $$$$$$ interests…all the other candidates would sell their souls to be Pres…..God help our country….we are in such big trouble, yet not enough realize how bad it really is……

  3. dianna says:

    Do you think we’ll know the results of the Nevada caucas before the November election???

  4. scott says:

    I tell you you what’s going on! Is people are getting caught committing fraud! That’s what’s wrong! How is it that Paul won that CNN Late Night Caucus by a landslide! And now they’re trying to tell us that the #’s for the rest of the state are flip-flopped from the Late Night Caucus?
    Here’s a link to that Caucus and the notes I put underneath it!

    Make sure you read it all! They’re trying to suppress the video as soon as it came out! This all started when I tried to share someone else’s video to my FB it wouldn’t let me. So I dl’ed it so I could put it up on mine! Then it wouldn’t let me share my own video! So I tried to dl it to my FB instead. Then they threatened me to delete my account! So I finally got it up but still can’t share it! So I add the comments below to it to let everyone know what’s going on! We’ll see what happens? But the video is taking off!

    But I don’t see how they can say that Romney won, when we have all these missing votes? It funny how when ever they have a State that Paul is supposed to do good in, there is always voter fraud and missing pcts.! Especially in Iowa when, after they said that, ‘They would NOT allow Paul to win under any circumstances what so-ever!’ And then we had a very close election and was only decided by a few thousand votes that separated the winners, including Paul. And then we found out that there were 8 missing Pcts. that got lost and still today they are totally unaccounted for still today! Were they heavy Ron Paul Pcts.? We’ll never know! Now in another state that Paul was expected to do well in, there is more delay, more voter fraud, more ballot stuffing boxes! More missing Pcts.!

    We all know that the establishment is not going to support Paul no matter how many elections they win. The corporate media has sold out the American People every step along the way! There was no way that the 9/11 conspiracty could have continued if it had not been for the complicity of the entire Corporate Media News Networks all owned by the Parent companies that all hold Top Secret Clearance because they’re all owned by Companies in the Military Industrial Complex! For instance, MSNBC is owned by the G.E. which is a very large Military Industrial Complex Contractor. And this effectively buys their silence since reporting on it would violate their security clearance and they could be tried for treason!!! But the independent stations that weren’t controlled by the corporate media were quickly bought up and the producers and directors were fired! So the complicity of the News media has contributel to our down fall! So what we have to do is take over the news media first! And that’s why they’re trying to pass these internet laws so they can shut down companies like YouTube!…Ok I’m just going to stop so you can read the post from the video! Enjoy!
    Last night’s Nevada’s infamous ‘Late Night Caucus’ that CNN hosted but had to cut away from because it got out of control when from Paul supporters went off and they had to suddenly cut away from their own show to save face from!!! lol

    Don’t you just know that they hated to have to air this?! After all the times they played games with Paul by cutting off his supporters and him whenever they try to make a point, and every time they start winning the argument or putting them in their place, CNN always has an emergency need for a commercial and when they come back, they always move on to a different topic!

    (Tonight was no different. When they did their post-debate speeches, Paul gave his, but when he started warming up and it was really starting to get good, they cut away to cover something else so that we couldn’t see it, and so they couldn’t give him any free publicity! But tonight when Romney gave his post-election speech, they covered every word!) A

    And yes Ron Paul won that caucus vote by a landslide! And as of 8 O’clock this morning, they only have 45% of the Nevada’s vote counted! And it’s their largest County,
    Clark County, which is completely unaccounted for! Their largest population center!!!
    (I guess what happens in Vegas, really does stay in Vegas???)!!!

    Just like they did in Iowa where they had 8 missing precincts that they have yet today to account for, and are still missing!!! And we don’t know it they were heavily Ron Paul Precincts/territories or not??? So no one knows what really happened in Iowa!
    Or who really won Iowa!
    We know that the GOP had openly came out and said in Iowa, that Paul would absolutely NOT be allowed to win under any circumstances, even if they had to cheat! And it appears they did! Paul only lost by a couple of thousand votes, and that’s easily faked! Then in Iowa there were reports of fraud and ballot box stuffing there too! No this morning they’re saying that they’re already having a recount before the votes have even been counted the first time!

    And what do you know, 8 missing precincts turned up & still missing today!
    Now another state in which Paul was expected to do well in is in up in arms again! Votes have been lost, results delayed, in another close election where only a few thousand votes are separating everything and everyone, despite what the percentages show! Because there wasn’t that many voters there!

    And in a small snap shot of an open Caucus, Paul wins by a landslide! So it wouldn’t it stand to reason, that the rest of the State would likely be similar to this Caucus was where Paul won by 3 – 1 margin against Romney???!!! (183 – 61 for Paul!!!)

    So why is there such a large discrepancy will the media’s numbers in the rest of the state and this open Caucus??? We’ve already heard from the people in an open Caucus, and like I said, Paul won by a landslide!!! So what’s really going on??? Remember, just because there’s a conspiracy theory, doesn’t mean there isn’t a conspiracy!!!!

    Why isn’t anyone asking why there is such a discrepancy in #’s? Why can’t they get a vote in on time on a Saturday night? You don’t think they would try and pull any fraud shit in Vegas, sin city do you????

    Why when we’ve already heard from the people, Paul always wins by a landslide in an open Poll that the public can freely & openly participate in, that is in every on-line poll I’ve ever seen, including the media station’s own polls that they never talk about! But the only polls they quote, like the Rasmussen’s poll, you can’t participate in! The only way you can participate in their polls is if they call you! But the thing is, they never tell you who they polled in those votes, how many people were polled, or what the questions were! They could have asked “Which candidate do you think would most likely be found screwing the pooch when no one was looking?” And if they say, Romney, they turn around and announce Romney the winner!!! They might have polled people making over 1 million dollars a year and asked them who they were voting for? But they don’t tell you that!

    They don’t tell you that they only polled 500 people and that’s how they got their results, and they say that’s a likely view of the macro-cosm from that micro-cosm. But when they have a snap shot of this micro-cosm, they say that it’s not reflecting the macro-cosm! Always in a state that Paul is expected to do well in!

    And knowing how the media fucked over the American people with their complicity in 9/11, can you really trust these people not to mess with things???….
    The reason that I posted this video was so I could share it. Because when I tried to post someone else’s, it wouldn’t let me, mysteriously said that the link had expired after I tried numerous times. Luckily I was able to dl it! So make sure you do the same and pass it on! And vote for Ron Paul in 2012!!!