Chris Matthews Retires

The longtime talking head is the latest poster boy for #MeToo. And mandatory retirement.

Steyer as South Carolina Spoiler

The vanity candidate may impact the race.

The Magnitude of Sanders’ Win

It comports with the polling.

Nevada Caucuses Go as Expected

Media overreacts to the Sanders victory all the polls predicted.

Nevada Democratic Debate Roundup

Most national pundits saw it differently than I did.

DNC Blocks Iowa And Nevada From Holding ‘Virtual’ Caucuses

The Democratic National Committee is moving to block efforts by the state parties in Iowa and Nevada to open up the caucus process to more participants, citing security issues.

Elizabeth Warren Continues To Gain On Bernie Sanders

A trio of new polls shows Elizabeth Warren slipping past Bernie Sanders into second place in the race for the 2020 Democratic nomination

Donald Trump Shrugging Donald Trump Shrugging

Latino Voters Really, Really Dislike Donald Trump

A new poll shows Donald Trump with historically low support for a Republican from Latino voters. That’s a recipe for electoral disaster.

Is Bernie Sanders Finally Coming To Realize He Can’t Possibly Win The Nomination?

With the Democratic race headed into territory where Hillary Clinton is heavily favored, Bernie Sanders may finally be coming to realize that he can’t possibly win the Democratic nomination.

Another Chaotic Nevada Caucus Helps Make The Case For Eliminating Caucuses Altogether

This year’s Nevada Caucuses are a good argument for why there should not be any more caucuses.

Donald Trump Scores Solid Win In Nevada

Donald Trump won his third contest in a row in Nevada, putting him one step closer to inevitability.

Nevada Hoping To Avoid Another Chaotic Caucus

Tonight’s Nevada Caucuses could be as chaotic as the floor of a Vegas casino, but Donald Trump seems to be in position to score another win.

Can Donald Trump Be Stopped?

Donald Trump hasn’t hit the point of inevitability yet, but time is running short if Republicans are going to stop him.

Trump Wins South Carolina, Rubio & Cruz Fight For Second, Bush Drops Out

Donald Trump racks up another big win, while Marco Rubio surges into second and likely saves his campaign for now.

Hillary Clinton Scores Solid Victory Over Bernie Sanders In Nevada

Hillary Clinton pulled off a strong win that promises to set up a string of victories that will likely leave Bernie Sanders in the dust.

Democrats Down To The Wire In Largely Unpredictable Nevada

Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are battling today for votes in a caucus whose outcome could go either way.

Jeb Bush Faces The End Of The Road In South Carolina

More likely than not, South Carolina marks the end of the road for Jeb Bush’s bid for the Presidency.

Donald Trump Set To Sweep To Victory In South Carolina

Donald Trump is on the verge of another big victory.

Bernie Sanders Within One Point Of Hillary Clinton In Nevada

Another state, another Sanders surprise that is likely to raise questions about Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Bernie Sanders Crushes Hillary Clinton In New Hampshire, But Clinton Still Favored

Bernie Sanders scored a big win in New Hampshire, as most people expected, but the look ahead still tells us that Hillary Clinton will eventually be the Democratic nominee for President.

Making A Play For Latino Voters, Clinton Backs Path To Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants

In a move that is clearly designed to have an impact in the General Election, Hillary Clinton came out in support of broad immigration reform in Nevada yesterday.

The Inevitable Newt Gingrich Meltdown Begins

Last night, we saw the beginning of the end of the Newt Gingrich campaign whether he realizes it or not.

Romney’s Inevitable And Gingrich Don’t Care

Romney continues to roll up decisive victories while Gingrich gets increasingly bitter and nasty.

Why In The World Would Romney Accept Trump’s Endorsement?

Why is the Republican frontrunner pandering to a megalomanical showman?

Mitt Romney Surges In National Polls

Republicans are rallying behind their eventual nominee.

New Candidate Window Closing Fast

Pundits love to speculate about new candidates entering the race and spicing things up. This will all be academic quite soon because filing dates in key states are fast approaching.

GOP 2012 Race A Replay Of 2008 Democratic Race?

Will 2012 be the Republican version of the 2008 race between President Obama and Hillary Clinton?