Obama To Gay Teens: It Gets Better (Unless You Want To Get Married Or Join The Military)

The sentiment behind this video is genuine enough, but it does stand in start contrast to what the Obama Administration is actually doing on the two issues that the gay community considers to be at the top of it’s priority list right now:

H/T: Ann Althouse

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  1. Tano says:

    And what exactly is it that Obama is doing on DADT, Doug?

    Ending it. Maybe not as quickly as many of us would like, but far more quickly than others want. Whether or not you accept his argument that it makes sense to do it in an “orderly way” and to give the military the time it asks for to adjust – you can’t really deny that he has committed himself rather unambiguosly, and repeatedly, including just the other day, to ending DADT on his watch.

    So what is your argument here?

  2. Neil Hudelson says:

    1. How has Rino Moran* become so much more annoying than Zels in such a short time? I attribute it to the CAPS.

    2. I never got the screaming from the left about how Obama is horrible on DADT/DOMA. He’s stated unambiguously that he wants DADT repealed. He has asked the Democratic Leadership to enact legislation towards that end. He has given speeches in support of such legislation. The only thing he hasn’t done towards ending it is challenging a court ruling ending it. But his reason behind it (as I understand) is that court rulings can be overturned much easier than legislative iniatives. So WTF are people (read: left) seemingly more mad at him than the the Senators who wouldn’t enact legislation to end this disgrace?

    *EDITOR’S NOTE: This refers to a comment by a poster who has since been banned and had his annoying posts deleted.