Happy 14th Blogiversary To Ann Althouse!

Ann Althouse hits a blogging anniversary.

Is Scott Walker Too White To Get Elected?

TNR makes the worst possible case for a proposition that’s almost certainly right.

What’s At Stake In The Birth Control Mandate Cases

Politics aside, the challenges to the PPACA’s birth control mandate raise important legal issues.

Good Advice

David Gregory Won’t Be Prosecuted for Technical Violation of DC Gun Law

David Gregory committed a technical violation of DC’s gun law to make a point on a national news show. Conservative gun control opponents are angry.

The Horrors of Having to Think Differently

Thinking can be an uncomfortable exercise.

Because Bill Clinton Is Popular, And George W. Bush Is Not

One of these men is going to his party’s convention, the other is not. The reason why is rather obvious.

Chuck Schumer: Senator Cupid?

While Republicans talk about family values, Chuck Schumer is busy promoting them one staffer at a time.

An Alternative History Exercise: What If JFK Hadn’t Died?

Examining a history that might have been.

Is It Anyone’s Business If You Don’t Vote?

Should it be anyone’s business if you vote?

Scott Rasmussen Decides To Poll “Is George Zimmerman Guilty of Murder?”

Speaking of trials in the court of public opinion……

Time For The Super Bowl To Drop Roman Numerals?

Time to end a 41 year tradition?

Andrew Sullivan: What Obama’s Critics On The Left And Right Are Missing

Conservatives are rejecting Andrew Sullivan’s Newsweek essay out of hand, but they ought to pay attention to what he’s saying.

Gingrich Takes Fire At Iowa Debate, Romney Misfires

This time, it was Newt Gingrich who walked away unscathed from a Republican Presidential debate.

In Defense Of Criminal Defense Attorneys

Everyone has rights, even the person accused of the most vile of crimes.

Obama’s Golf Clubs

Michelle needs to stop buying shoes–but Barack’s keeping his golf clubs.

Star Of “Sister Wives” To Challenge Constitutionality Of Utah’s Anti-Polygamy Law

The star of a controversial reality show about polygamy is suing to have Utah’s law that makes his living arrangement illegal struck down.

Liberals Want Justice Ginsburg To Resign Before 2012 Elections?

A few liberal law professors say Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg should resign now so President Obama can pick her successor.

Quorum Busting v. Filibustering

The funny thing is that the quorum-busting in WI is more like a filibuster ought to be: a true delaying tactic that eventually has to give way to a democratic outcome.

The Case Against Public Sector Unions

It’s time to end the ability of public sector labor unions to hold taxpayers hostage.

College Students Lack Critical Thinking Skills, But Who’s To Blame?

A new study suggests college students aren’t learning the critical thinking skills they’re supposed to learn, but that isn’t necessary the fault of the university they’re attending.

Do Presidents Deserve More Respect, Or Less?

The Presidency has lost the aura of mystique that used to surround it, and that’s a good thing.

Further Thoughts On The Repeal Amendment

Further thoughts on a rather radical proposed Amendment to the Constitution, prompted by a link from Instapundit.

TSA Body Image Scanners: Cui Bono

Is the TSA groping passengers to force them into using intrusive scanners for which they’ve committed $173 million?

Did Arianna Huffington Steal Website Idea?

Arianna Huffington has become an online mogul by convincing big donors to pay her for content others generate for free. Did she steal the idea?

Political Blogger Avoids Politics

Is it odd that a political blogger dislikes actual political involvement ? No, not really.

Most Sexist Ad Ever Isn’t An Ad

The webmaster of a local Republican chapter linked a YouTube video that implies Democratic women are ugly.

Not Divorced, But Not Really Married

Some number of people are staying married while living separate lives. This is, apparently, news.

JournoList: Conspiracy, Scandal, Or Locker Room Trash Talk ?

JournoList’s archives have been making headlines at The Daily Caller, but there doesn’t seem to be any substance to the allegations of scandal.

Conservative Media Bias

Conservatives have long complained about liberal media bias. But conservative media seems to be much worse.

Obama Polling Badly Against Prospective 2012 Opponents

The results of a new poll may have President Obama worrying about 2012 already.

SCOTUS Narrows ‘Honest Services’ Doctrine

Enron’s Jeffrey Skilling and media mogul Conrad Black got new life today from the Supreme Court, who ruled the use of the “honest services” doctrine against them unconstitutionally vague.

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