OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Also Ran Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Also Ran Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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First: Mr.Prosser – I’m sending this photo to my husband on April Fool’s Day.

Second: Rufus T. Firefly – Great, if this guy becomes President, I can say I was there when the Infinite Improbability Drive was created.

Third: Coco Konski – This is so going on spankwire


Brett – “What kind of Etch-a-Sketch is this? I can’t see the nobs!”

John Burgess“This is it! It’s my Get Out of Hell Card!”

Peterh – Wait….now I want you sign it with that sharpie…

Gromitt Gunn – “Wow, Martha, usually we have to drive down to Iowa to see the primary candidates with no chance of winning!”

al-Ameda – “See? There you are, up on the cross, just in time for Easter.”

Gollum – This must be Iowa. They all Googled ‘Santorum’ and they still don’t get it.


Ball Cap $15.00
Camera $100.00
Air Ticket to Missouri $450.00
Dan Savage photo op with Rick Santorum – Priceless

Pie Iesu Domine (click) Dona eis Santorum (click)

After I photoshop the pen as a joint, you’re goin’ down.

The OTB Caption Contest will return after Easter…

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