OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Swing And A Miss Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Swing And A Miss Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.




First: Patrick McCainThe tax-exempt status for “Ping Pong Patriots” is still under review.

Second: Paul Hooson“Shouldn’t we just pay someone to do this?”.

Third: Hal 10000Microsoft’s paddle-based answer to Google Glass seems unlikely to catch on. (…at least not for the first dozen or so versions – rodney dill)


AnonymissProof that two billionaires are not always better than one.(Beck Bennett might question this – rodney dill)

JKB – Now we know why Pong never made it into Microsoft Games.

DanaLee – “That’s mine” “Hey stay on your side!” “That was clearly yours to get…” “sheesh you suck as a partner”

jd – Whoo-o-oosh!

John425 – “Hey Bill, I transferred my fortune to your charity. Now you want my balls, too?”

BEST INSIDE JOKE – Paul HoosonWarren:”Did Gary Busey have a housefire last night I saw run outside screaming and waving his arms frantically!” Bill: “No, Gary Busey just wanted his neighbors to know that everything was normal at his house and not to worry about him…”.


….and there’s still someone in the crowd with a ‘John 3:16’ sign.

Try as they might Bill and Warren couldn’t get the ball past the dancing monkey boy.

Bill: “The bet’s that I can make a Chicago community organizer President, over any other suitable contender.”
Warren: “No way, you’re on.”
Bill: “Same bet as always?”
Warren: “Yep… One Dollar.”

“Isn’t one of us supposed to be on the other side of the table?”
“Doesn’t matter… we haven’t got the ball over the net yet.”

Warren is baffled as Bill keeps on returning his own serves.

Just another euphemism for Congress.

Faster delivery vs. better returns

The Thursday Contest was also hoping for better service.

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Rodney Dill
About Rodney Dill
Rodney is an IT Implementation Consultant in the Motor City and working within the Automotive Industry. He contributed to OTB from November 2004 until retiring in July 2017, hosting some 1200 OTB Caption Contests.


  1. CSK says:

    I kept trying to think of a Windows 9 logo/set-up joke and couldn’t.

  2. Paul Hooson says:

    Thanks so much for the double honors, Rodney. The “inside joke” honor was an unexpected pleasure as well. You’re a true gentleman.

  3. OzarkHillbilly says:

    That ” Whoo-o-oosh!” jd posted? It was the sound my brain made when I looked at that picture.