Sarah Palin’s Research Team: Bristol, A Laptop, And The Google

This would explain alot:

Seated in an armchair on a small stage, Palin was interviewed by the head of the Long Island Assn. at the group’s annual luncheon. Kevin S. Law, a former utility company executive, said beforehand that he had no interest in posing “gotcha-style” questions. But he did ask Palin about recent national opinion surveys showing that most voters viewed her unfavorably.

“In a lot of those polls, yeah, I get my butt kicked,” she said.

Palin was accompanied by her daughter, Bristol, whom she described as her “entourage.” She said she had asked Bristol, in their hotel room Wednesday night, to Google information about the economy in preparation for the appearance in a country club ballroom.

There really are no words

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Doug Mataconis
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  1. James Joyner says:

    I’m reminded of the scene toward the end of “O Brother Where Art Thou” when the Soggy Bottom Boys were appointed as the governor’s brain trust. I guess Google is playing the part of George Clooney here.

  2. michael reynolds says:

    I thought this sounded pretty good, actually. She uses Google? That’s a huge improvement over most GOP politicians who base their economic policies on whatever bullshit excuse they can invent to pander to rich folks.

  3. Gustopher says:

    But Google is part of the grand conspiracy!

  4. jwest says:

    If only she had learned the art of plagiarism, as our current Vice President did, she wouldn’t need to look up things on her own.

  5. Steven Plunk says:

    Since she is nothing more than a private citizen she doesn’t have a taxpayer funded staff. And if you’re staying in a hotel before speaking to… who was that again? Long Island Assoc.? Why prepare at all? This isn’t a state of the union address now is it? Or even Bill O’Reilly, a place where you make totally fictitious statements without regard.

    This is just another pathetic jab at Palin. The obsession continues.

  6. jwest says:

    Do you think if Obama hired Bristol to search The Google for him, he would know there aren’t 57 states or how to pronounce “corps”.

  7. PJ says:

    @Steven Plunk:
    “Since she is nothing more than a private citizen she doesn’t have a taxpayer funded staff.”

    What she does have is staff funded by SarahPAC.

    Bristol Palin has, if anyone had forgotten, her own political consulting firm, BSMP.
    BSMP’s largest client is…. SarahPAC.

    I guess we now know what BSMP does for SarahPAC. Google searches.

    Can’t wait to find out how much BSMP gets paid for it.

    I shouldn’t complain, any money that goes to these grifters is money that could have been spent on actual candidates.