Israel and the al-Shifa Hospital

It’s likely legal and almost certainly won’t matter.

Heads of UN Agencies Call for Israeli Ceasefire

The laws of armed conflict aren’t designed for this war.

Ukraine Invasion Sending History in a New Direction?

The ferocity of the global reaction to Putin’s invasion is stunning.

Trump, Cruz, and Rubio Continue to Exchange Attacks In Eleventh Republican Debate

With time running out, the top three candidates for the Republican nomination picked up right where they left off last week.

Has Obama Institutionalized Bush’s Worst?

Dan Froomkin says Obama is as bad as Bush, if not worse.

The Problem of Secrecy

Persuasion is sometimes an important part of being president.

Yes, Bush Administration Used Torture

A bipartisan commission of elder statesmen confirms what we’ve known for years.

Hamdan Conviction Overturned Years Too Late For Hamdan

Osama’s driver, who was convicted of only technical crimes, has had his conviction overturned on a technicality.

South Park Getting Old?

Amusingly, the most recent episode of South Park, “You’re Getting Old,” perfectly encapsulates my view of recent episodes of South Park.

Mainstreaming Brutality

In just over a decade, America has gone from a bipartisan consensus that torture and brutality are bad to a bipartisan consensus that they’re necessary.

CIA Bans Water-Boarding