Democrats for Christie

A perennial fantasy has a new standard bearer.

Former Chris Christie Aides Convicted In Bridgegate Trial

Two of Chris Christie’s closest aides were convicted in the criminal trial resulting from the ‘Bridgegate’ scandal.

Chris Christie Out Of Presidential Race

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is officially dropping out of the race for President.

Can Christie Bounce Back After The Bridgegate Indictments? Probably Not

Aides to Governor Chris Christie apparently think there’s still a way he can run a credible campaign for President, but it seems unlikely.

Two Christie Aides Indicted In Bridgegate Scandal While A Third Pleads Guilty

Two of Chris Christie’s closest aides were indicted in connection with the Birdgegate scandal today, a third plead guilty, and Christie’s Presidential ambitions are pretty much dead.

Chris Christie Still Seems To Think He Can Run For President

His poll numbers are down, the GOP base is not hospitable, but Chris Christie still seems to be thinking about running for President.

2014’s Fickle News Cycle

The news cycle in 2014 seemed to be dominated by a series of real and phony “crises” that grabbed our attention for short periods of time.

Federal Probe Of Bridgegate Finds No Connection To Christie

A Federal investigation of lane closures on the George Washington Bridge appears to vindicate Governor Chris Christie.

Chris Christie Is Still A Viable 2016 Candidate

The bloom is off the rose, but Chris Christie could still be a strong candidate in 2016.

Top Republicans Looking To Jeb Bush In 2016

Top Republican donors are starting to look at the former Governor of Florida as their candidate in 2016.

In Marathon Presser, Christie Fires Top Aide, Expresses Embarrassment Over Bridge Scandal

At least initially, Chris Christie did what he needed to do to address a story that threatens to overwhelm his political future.

Chris Christie And The George Washington Bridge: Politics As Usual, Scandal, Or Much Ado About Very Little?

Will a couple closed lanes on the George Washington Bridge end up being a problem for New Jersey’s Chris Christie going forward?

Rutgers Spycam Defendant Gets 30 Days In Jail

A surprisingly short sentence in a case that caused a nationwide sensation.

Hate Crimes And The Rutgers SpyCam Case

Dharun Ravi was convicted of bias intimidation toward Tyler Clementi. It’s not at all clear that he should have been.

Rushing To Judgment In The Media Age

A story from September 2010 reminds us that rushing to judgment is never a good idea.

Collegiate Prank Leads To Suicide

Three lives intersected last week at Rutgers University, but one person didn’t make it out alive.