The 112th Congress: A “Do Nothing Congress”?

Republicans are promising two years of gridlock and obstructionism if they take control of Congress, but is that really what the people who are likely to vote for them next week really want?

Will A Republican Congress Impeach President Obama ?

Will a Republican-controlled Congress bring about the third Presidential Impeachment in American history? Jonathan Chait thinks it’s virtually certain that it will, I’m not so sure.

House Republicans Unveil Underwhelming “Pledge To America”

In 1994, it was the Contract With America. In 2010, it’s the Pledge To America. But does it really mean anything regardless of what it’s called ?

House Fails To Repeal New 1099 Reporting Requirements

Everyone seems to agree that the new 1099 reporting requirements contained in the health care reform bill are a bad idea, but nobody wants to take the time to repeal them.

Political Fight Over Expiring Bush Tax Cuts Heats Up

Congress and the White House are starting to stake out sides in the upcoming battle over extending the Bush tax cuts.

Michelle Bachmann Suggests Republicans Make The Same Mistakes All Over Again

If Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann gets her way, the 112th Congress will feature a lot of committees “investigating” the Obama Administration.

ObamaCare: Repeal and Replace? Or Repeal and Veto?

House Republican leaders want to repeal ObamaCare. But, even if the GOP takes over Congress, Obama will still have the veto.

Marion Berry Retires

Blankley on Hastert II