A Thought or Two on Negotiating the Debt Limit

The Biden administration has a point.

Saturday Morning Tab Clearing

Some stories worth noting but not at great length.

Debt Limit Will Be Reached Today!

The infuriating fight to authorize spending already-allocated money is back.

Biden Document Probe Gets Serious

A second stash has led to a special counsel and political embarrassment.

GOP Clown Show Continues

After two days of futility, a deal is coming together to make futility permanent.

The GOP Clown Show

Just when you thought they couldn’t get more incompetent.

Zealots and Pluralists

A moderate Republican almost diagnoses the problem.

Republican ‘Hardliners’ Are Idiots

Castrating their party’s Speaker is not smart politics.

George Santos’ Questionable Campaign Accounting

Could it be that he was untruthful?

Dems Considering Releasing Trump Tax Records

It would be an abuse of power.

The Centrist Fantasy

Can moderate Republicans take back their party?

Manchin’s Reward

A MAGA challenger has already emerged for 2024.

Republican Losers Conceding, Not Rioting

A low bar has been cleared.

Fear and Resentment of a Changing America

A revealing comparison of Republican districts that deny and don’t deny the 2020 outcome.

Liz Cheney Walloped in Primary

The Trumper consolidation of their control of the GOP continues.

Liz Cheney’s Future

She’ll almost certainly be out of a job in January. Then what?

Democrats Funding MAGA Primary Candidates

Hardball politics or dirty pool?

politics outrage shouting politics outrage shouting

What’s Politics For, Anyway?

Capitol Hill Republicans are turning the concept on its head.

A Great Realignment?

As Democrats gain college-educated voters, they’re losing Hispanics and men.

Takeaways From the Takeaways

It’s not all about Trump.

January 6 Committee Public Hearings: Day 1

The laying out of the case begins.

January 6 Committee Subpoenas Republican Leaders

An unprecedented manuever in response to unprecedented obstruction.

Ginni Thomas the Insurrectionist

A Supreme Court Justice’s wife urged the White House and Congressional Republicans to steal the 2020 election.

Trump Losing Sway with Republican Voters?

We can only hope.

Elections with Foregone Conclusions

Greatest democracy in the world, right?

SCOTUS Rejects House Republican Challenge to Proxy Voting

The court wisely deferred to Congress in setting its own rules.

Why isn’t Biden Magical?

Some pundits have high standards.

Where Do the Republicans Go From Here?

This man is the face of the post-Trump party.

photo of working, person, military, construction, cutting, team, helmet, build, labor, job, workers, laborer, task, construction worker, sledge hammer photo of working, person, military, construction, cutting, team, helmet, build, labor, job, workers, laborer, task, construction worker, sledge hammer

Infrastructure Bill Passes! Dems in Array?

Three days late, $1.2 billion long.

Republicans Playing Chicken with Debt Ceiling. Again.

They shall not submit to blackmail!

COVID Schadenfreude Journalism

A new story archetype is all too common.

Kinzinger to Serve on 1/6 Committee

Another GOP member is added to the investigation.

Ohio, Trump, and the Primaries

Thinking about party evolution and behavior going into 2022.

Start the Steal?

Cries that American democracy is in jeopardy are not hyperbole.

The Importance of Time Horizons in Politics

And general considerations on mid-term elections.

Unmasked Stupidity in Congress

Speaker Pelosi and House Republicans are waging separate battles with science.

Liz Cheney and the GOP

A quick lesson about American parties.

The Big Lie Has Become a Litmus Test

Republicans who admit Joe Biden won the election fair and square are being driven from the party.

Still the Party of Trump

The disgraced loser remains as popular as ever with his base.

Trump Refused to Call Off Capitol Rioters

Details of a heated phone discussion with the top House Republican have emerged.

Marjorie Taylor Greene Stripped of Committee Assignments

House Democrats have done what their Republican colleagues refused to do.

Republican Leadership Face Tests with Cheney and Greene

Mitch McConnell is testing out his spine again.

Trying an Impeached Former President

The legal debates are unsettled but we can all agree that Rand Paul is a moron.

Liz Cheney’s Statement on Impeachment

The #3 Republican in the House will vote to impeach.

The Republican Party’s Shame

The Party of Lincoln went over the cliff like lemmings in support. It’s tough to see how they recover.

Another Republican Helps Spread Putin’s Ukraine Conspiracy Theories

Ted Cruz is the latest Republican Senator to repeat discredited Kremlin-backed conspiracy theories about Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election.

Republicans Afraid To Speak Out Against Trump Are As Bad The Trump Cultists

Those Republicans who recognize how bad President Trump is for he nation but are afraid to speak out against him are as bad as the true believers of Cult45.

The GOP Is Now The Party Of Putin

Much like the President they obsequiously defend, Republicans have become useful idiots in Russia’s war on Western liberal democracy.

White House Rejects Invitation To Participate In Impeachment Hearings

After arguing for a month about an “unfair” impeachment process, the WHite House is saying ‘no thanks’ to an invitation to participate in the next round of impeachment hearings.

House Backs Rules For Impeachment Inquiry

Today the House of Representatives approved the procedures for the impeachment proceeding against the President.