Huckabee: Benghazi will Take Down the President (Worse than Watergate!)

Apparently, Benghazi has not faded (at least not for some).

Yet Again, Institutional Design Matters

It would be nice if columnists for major newspapers would consult political science, rather than Hollywood, for their understanding of our system.

Maureen Dowd Discovers That Barack Obama Is Neither Andrew Shepherd Nor Josiah Bartlett

If you want to understand contemporary politics, the last thing you should do is reference an Andrew Sorkin project.

Odds Of A Democratic House Takeover Low

The odds for a party switch in the House of Representatives remain quite low.

DOMA Under Fire At The Supreme Court

The Defense Of Marriage Act didn’t fare very well during today’s Supreme Court oral arguments.

CPAC Snubs Chris Christie

CPAC’s organizers have decided not to invite the most popular Governor in the country.

The Sequester, Moving Goalposts, and the 2012 Elections

Ezra Klein argues that the voters already decided how the sequestration fight should play out.

952 Days Since Congress Passed Major Law

t’s been more than two-and-a half years since the United States passed major legislation.

Nobody In Washington Cares About Governing, And It’s Hurting The Country

The political antics surrounding the sequestration cuts is a prime example of what’s wrong with Washington.

The GOP Civil War Continues Apace

Republicans continue to fight over their party’s future.

Polarization in the Congress

Congress is historically polarized.

Obama’s Gun Control Plan DOA In Congress?

Despite the push it’s likely to receive, most of President Obama’s gun control proposals will barely even see the light of day in Congress.

Republicans Foolishly Risking Default To Prove A Political Point

Once again, the House GOP is risking sending the economy into the tank to prove a political point.

Just Say No To The Platinum Coin

Minting a Platinum Coin would be a really bad idea.

Understanding how Congress Works

(As well as party behavior).

Chris Christie Slams House Republicans Over Sandy Relief Failure

Hell hath no fury like a Christie scorned.

Congress Jumps Off Fiscal Cliff, Pulls Parachute Rip Cord

Our politicians have averted an artificial crisis of their own making. The next one’s in two months.

Over The Fiscal Cliff, Sort Of

Automatic tax hikes and spending cuts took effect at midnight. A deal involving the executive and half of the legislative branch could largely reverse them.

Speaker of the House Jon Huntsman?!

Norm Ornstein may have written the sillest op-ed of 2012.

Is Boehner’s Position As Speaker In Danger?

Last night’s defeat of “Plan B” demonstrated yet again that John Boehner does not really control his caucus.

Republicans Fail Math Test

Radical tax groups secured a Pyrrhic victory last night.

Grover Norquist Gives The GOP A Pass On Raising Taxes

Grover Norquist has seriously undercut the credibility of the ATR anti-tax pledge.

Republicans Will Cave On Tax Hikes For High Income Earners

Whether it comes now or in January, President Obama is going to win the tax debate.

Should Congress Just Kick The Can Down The Road?

Perhaps we should take a pass on trying to reach a deal on resolving issues propelling us toward the Fiscal Cliff.

What Exactly Has Conservatism Accomplished Lately?

Judging by the record of the past decade and a half, movement conservatism has accomplished very little.

Anti-Tax Orthodoxy Of House Republicans Looks Like It’s Ready To Crack

As we approach the fiscal cliff, there are signs that House Republicans may not be as rigid as they were the past two years.

The Fight Against Obamacare Died On Election Night

Any chance that the Affordable Care Act will be repealed died with the re-election of Barack Obama. But, there are other fights to come.

Obama Claims Sequestration Cuts “Won’t Happen”

President Obama seems to have given away the store when it comes to the defense sequestration cuts.

Michele Bachmann’s McCarthyite Crusade Against Huma Abedin And Other Muslims

Michele Bachmann and several other Members of Congress are engaging in the despicable tactics of Joe McCarthy.

Obama To Make Same Promise About Tax Cuts He Did In 2008

Get ready for the battle over the Bush Tax Cuts to start up yet again.

Republican Hypocrisy In The Health Care Debate

The GOP’s arguments about the impact of ObamaCare on Medicare are dishonest and hypocritical.