Low Turnout A Sign Of Burnout?

Are the American people tuning out of politics altogether?

Obama Administration Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline

The Obama Administration has halted, for the moment, a pipeline project that has become a political football.

The House Republicans Lost Because They Deserved To Lose

Thanks to their own ineptitude, House Republicans suffered a big defeat this week. They totally deserved it.

Mitch McConnell Pulls The Rug Out From Under The House GOP On Payroll Tax Cut

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has set the House GOP adrift.

Republicans Turning On Their Own Amidst Payroll Tax Fiasco

Some Republicans are starting to realize just how badly the House GOP has messed up this time.

How The House Republicans Completely Mishandled The Payroll Tax Cut Debate

The House GOP doesn’t seem to have any idea what it’s doing right now.

Republicans Save The Light Bulb

Congressional Republicans got a major concession as price for averting a government shutdown: saving the incandescent light bulb, at least now.

Occupy Wall Street Now Less Popular Than Tea Party Movement

Public opinion on the Occupy movement has turned increasingly sour.

Welcome To This Month’s Edition Of Congressional Dysfunction

FEMA is about to run out of money, but don’t worry your Congressman is getting his vacation time in.

Republicans Need To Tread Carefully In Response To Jobs Bill

With the economy at the forefront of the public’s mind, the GOP needs to be careful in its response to President Obama’s new jobs bill.

Mitt Romney’s Vanilla Foreign Policy

Romney’s VFW speech was filled with tropes and bromides but nothing that should raise eyebrows.

Obama’s Golf Clubs

Michelle needs to stop buying shoes–but Barack’s keeping his golf clubs.

FAA Funding Remains In Limbo As Congress Goes On Vacation

Congress is failing to complete even simple tasks thanks to a bitter partisan divide.

What’s Good For The Partisan Goose Is Good For The Partisan Gander

House Republicans are being criticized for utilizing a tactic they learned from Senate Democrats.

Obama And The Debt Deal: A Failure Of Leadership?

Once again, the debt ceiling deal is raising questions about the President’s leadership.

Debt Deal Winners and Losers

Now that America’s political leadership have probably averted a self-inflicted global economic calamity, it’s time to assess the winners and losers.

Congressional Leadership And Obama Reach Deal To Raise Debt Ceiling

We have a deal in Washington. Now, the leadership just has to make sure it can pass Congress.

Explaining the House Republicans

A recent poll provides some insight into congressional behavior.

The Tea Party’s Utopianism Is Making It Irrelevant

By insisting on perfection in the debt ceiling debate, the Tea Party has made itself irrelevant to the process.

Can Boehner Lead House Republicans?

The failure of House Republicans to pass a bill that would have been dead on arrival in the Senate, anyway, raises questions about whether a deal is possible and whether John Boehner can lead his own coalition.

Follow-up on the Trillion Dollar Deficit Post

More thoughts on deficits.

How Obama Lost Control Of The Debt Negotiations

Barack Obama’s biggest enemy in the debt negotiations has been himself.

In Dueling Speechs Obama And Boehner Talk Past Each Other, Accomplish Little

Their mouths were moving, but nothing of substance was coming out.

John Boehner And Harry Reid Release Competing, Mostly Incompatible, Debt Plans

John Boehner and Harry Reid introduced their debt plans. Now, where do we go from here?

Debt Ceiling Kabuki Theater Update

It hasn’t been a very productive weekend in Washington, D.C.

Obama’s Negotiation Strategy, Such As It Is

I never would have negotiated in the first place.

Debt Talks Break Down (Again) As Boehner Walks Away

It wasn’t a good day for the debt ceiling negotiations.

Obama Approval Still In Danger Zone

President Obama is polling at 46.8 percent, below the level needed to win re-election.

The Debt Ceiling is a Housekeeping Procedure

The House Republicans are functionally insane.