The Non-Emergent Democratic Majority?

The realignment of America’s political parties wasn’t quite what was hoped.

Democratic Majority Emerging After All?

Today’s youth cohort might actually vote.

The Democrats’ Patriotism Problem?!

Whither American civil religion?

The Emerging Democratic Majority at 20

How well has the famous thesis fared?

diversity legos diversity legos

America Getting Less White

The long demographic trend continues.

Business people using their phones Business people using their phones

Demography is Destiny

It’s just not immediate.

Is 2016 a 50-50 Proposition?

Pundits and political scientists agree that, if the 2016 presidential election were today, we’d have a much better idea who would win.

Guns and Tribalism

Josh Marshall explains what it’s like to be a non-gun person in a very pro-gun culture.

Whites Now Minority of American Births: So What?

White babies now constitute slightly less than half of American births.

Time Running Out For GOP?

2012 may be the last chance for the current Republican Party to win the White House.


Let’s ban robocalls.

Health Insurance Mandates

What Obama Needs to Do

Politicizing Terror