The North Korean Deception

As expected, the North’s nuclear development continues.

Are we Really on the Brink of a New Era in Korea?

There are reasons to be skeptical about the dawning of a new age on the peninsula.

Majority Of Americans Support Iran Nuclear Deal

Good news for the President.

On Iran, Diplomacy Beats Containment, And Containment Is Smarter Than Military Action

There are many choices in dealing with Iran’s nuclear program there are many choices, but some are better than others.

Removing the Fig Leaf from the Sunni Regimes

The diplomatic ramifications of the latest Wikileaks leaks are just starting to emerge and may place some countries in very embarrassing positions.

Will President Obama Bomb Iran?

The title says it all.

Haggling With the Iranians

Destruction of a What?

Calling Our Bluff

Engaging Iran

Updates on Iran

Enough For One Bomb

Negotiate With Iran!

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