Age Inversion in American Politics?

Suddenly, old voters are aligning Democrat and young ones Republican.

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Did the Boomers Ruin America?

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American Gerontocracy II

A White Guy in His 70s Will Be President in 2021

The women, minority, and non-geriatric candidates have been all but eliminated from the race.

Presidential Generations

We’re going to make history one way or another in November.

Republican Apocalypse … Now?

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Baby Boomers No Longer The Majority Of U.S. Voters

A new study shows that Baby Boomers no longer account for the largest segment of voters in the United States.

Millennials: Less Patriotic, Or Just Differently Patriotic?

Some surveys suggest that younger Americans are less patriotic than older generations.

Losing Our Religion

America’s Protestants are dying off and being replaced by non-believers.