There’s No Evidence The Death Penalty Deters Crime

There is no evidence that the Capital Punishment works.

More on the Federalist Papers as the Rosetta Stone for the Constitution

There are a number of problems with the notion that the Federalist Papers provide a perfect guide to the Constitution.

Teaching the Federalist Papers

If we taught the Federalist Papers more rigorously would that lead to a shared view of the constitution?

World’s Top Universities

Seven of the top ten and fifteen of the top twenty universities on the planet are American.

Republicans v. Obama On Iran: Fewer Differences Than You’d Think

The differences between the parties when it comes to Iran are far less substantial than the candidate’s rhetoric would suggest.

Reddit Genius Arrested for JSTOR Downloads

Aaron Swartz has been arrested for downloading too many academic journal articles.

Academia Embraces Social Media

Contrary to myth, the college classroom is a rapidly evolving place.

The “14th Amendment Option” And The Imperial Presidency

The so-called “14th Amendment option” to fix the debt ceiling crisis is really just a prescription for an even more powerful Presidency.

Mitch Daniels: Social Issues Truce Is Necessary To Keep The GOP United

Mitch Daniels says that the GOP needs to get beyond its obsession with social issues if it’s going to survive. He’s right.

Wisconsin Teacher Showdown

Neither side is covering themselves in glory in the battle over the Badger State budget.

Latinos Aren’t Pro-Democrat So Much As They’re Anti-Republican, New Poll Finds

A new poll finds that Republican policies on immigration are chasing Latino voters straight into the arms of the Democratic Party.

New York Times Shocked That Clarence Thomas’s Wife Has A Job

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’s wife Virginia is under scrutiny ? Why ? Because she has a job.

What the Framers Meant Part Two: Return of the Federalist Papers

Both the Constitution and the Federalist Papers, impressive as they are, must be understood in terms of not just applied political philosophy, but practical politics as well.

Palin Taking Heat For Defense Of Dr. Laura

Sarah Palin’s decision to jump to the defense of “Doctor” Laura Schlessinger has many Republicans confused as to what her plans for the future are.

Rice Rules Out VP Run

Failed Occupation?

D-Day in Iraq