Tsunami Death Toll Tops 156,000

Tsunami toll tops 156,000 (CNN)

Hopes of finding thousands of people still missing from last week’s massive earthquake and deadly tsunami in the Indian Ocean are fading, as desperately needed aid finally reaches areas that had been cut off by the devastation. The death toll from Malaysia to East Africa stands at more than 156,000, after Indonesia’s toll was raised by 14,000 to more than 94,000 early Monday by the country’s health ministry. Tens of thousands are still missing — including many tourists — in the aftermath of the December 26 disaster that struck at least 11 countries.

Indeed, as a separate story notes, citizens from numerous countries outside the region have died in this tragedy–perhaps 3000 from Sweden alone.

Australia: 12 dead; the government says it has “grave concerns” about 107 others; another 950 Australians are unaccounted for

Austria: 6 dead, nearly 500 missing

Belgium: 6 dead

Britain: 40 dead; 159 missing feared dead

Canada: 4 dead, 13 missing and another 74 unaccounted for

Denmark: 7 dead

Finland: 4 dead; the foreign ministry says another 214 people are missing

France: 22 dead, 18 injured

Germany: 40 dead, more than 1,000 missing

Israel: 4 dead, 6 missing

Italy: 14 dead, 600 missing

Japan: 8 dead, according to Sri Lankan foreign minister.

New Zealand: 2 dead, 64 missing

Norway: 21 dead, 462 missing

Portugal: 8 missing; others unaccounted for but not yet listed missing.

Russia: 10 injured, some missing. Foreign ministry has no confirmed fatalities; Thai authorities have said Russians are among the dead.

Singapore: 3 dead

South Africa: 14 missing feared dead

South Korea: 11 dead

Spain: Foreign Ministry has no confirmations of any deaths; 3 reported missing in Thailand, one in hospital

Sweden: 52 bodies have been identified. Another 2,915 Swedes are listed as missing. The Swedish prime minister’s office has said the death toll could rise to as many as 1,000. The Thai government believes more than 3,000 people missing in Thailand are Swedish tourists.

Switzerland: 9 dead

Turkey: Turkish Airlines is sending a jet to Maldives to pick up what they believe will be 300 Turkish nationals there.

United States: 15 dead

Other: Dead and/or missing also have been reported but unconfirmed by CNN from China and Taiwan.

As noted in a story from last week, the Red Cross has estimated that a million people could be dead by the time the counting is completed.

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