WAR IMMINENT? The Sun newspaper (link via Drudge) reports that war with Iraq could start as early as next Thursday, the day after the expected UN Security Council vote on a “second” resolution. While I’m skeptical of the source, a UK tabloid, the reporting strikes me as quite plausible. It presumes that neither France, China, nor Russia will veto the resolution, despite their strong opposition to the war. I believe this is correct. Given that the Bush Administration has been quite clear that they will go to war regardless of what the UN says, vetoing the resolution would be silly. First, it would probably end the Security Council’s claim to power and, thus, take away what little voice France, Russia, and China currently have. Second, it would pointlessly alienate the US. Since all three states need the US far more than the US needs them, that would be simply irrational.

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James Joyner
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