UN Security Council Demands Immediate Gaza Ceasefire

The United States abstained but did not exercise its veto power.

US Considering Recognizing Palestine

But probably won’t.

US Alone In Support For Israel War Effort

World opinion and American opinion diverge significantly.

Most of the World Doesn’t Care About Ukraine

Many in the Global South see the war very differently than we in the West.

The U.S. Role in Ukraine’s Success

It’s much bigger than it appears.

Russia’s Absurd Demands for Griner and Whalen Release

Moscow is playing a very strange game.

Russia’s Diplomatic Isolation

The West continues to close Moscow off.

Removing Russia from UN Security Council

It would be fitting but, alas, won’t happen.

Putin Invades Ukraine in Defiance of West

The much-anticipated escalation has happened. Now to see how the United States and its allies respond.

Colin Powell, 1937-2021

The trailblazing soldier-statesman has died at 84.

Israel’s Wanton Aggression

A reckless campaign of violence has now targeted American journalists.

Sudan’s Omar Bashir Deposed

Can the ICC get him into the dock?

British Charge Russian Intelligence Officers In Connection With Novichok Attacks

British authorities have charged two members of Russian military intelligence in connection with a poisoning attack on British attack.

US, UK, and France Bomb Syria to Send Some Sort of Message about Chemical Weapons

There is no obvious strategy and even the expressed rationale makes no sense.

We’ve Lost Count of the Dead in Syria

Even the United Nations has given up trying to maintain an accurate estimate.

Chemical Weapons Attack Puts Syria Back On The Front Burner

Just about a year after President Trump attacked Syria over the use of chemical weapons, the Assad regime has again used chemical weapons. There’s not much we can do about, nor should we.

UK Retaliates for Russian Nerve Agent Attack

Theresa May has expelled 23 Russian diplomats and convened the North Atlantic Council.

Russians Behind Nerve Agent Attack on British Soil. Now What?

The British prime minister and outgoing US Secretary of State declared a red line crossed. There’s no reason to think this White House will follow through.

Lindsey Graham Says War With North Korea Would Be “Worth It.”

South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham says war against North Korea would be worth it. Ignoring the fact that it would result in casualties unlike anything America has seen since the Vietnam War.

Trump Orders Syria Strikes. So Now What?

It’s not at all clear that there is a useful strategy at work here.

United Nations Resolution Vote Leads To More Tension Between U.S. And Israel

While you were celebrating Christmas, Israel was blasting the Obama Administration and cozying up to the incoming Trump Administration.

Boutros Boutros-Ghali Dead at 93

The godfather of the Responsibility to Protect doctrine has passed.

U.S., South Korea Hint At Military Buildup In Response To Nuclear Test

The United States and South Korea are hinting at increased military cooperation in the wake of last week’s North Korean nuclear test.

No, Ukraine Should Not Have Been Allowed To Keep Its Nuclear Weapons

Getting nuclear weapons out of Ukraine in 1994 was a good idea, not a mistake.

Western ‘Security Guarantees’ to Ukraine Don’t Say What Commentators Think

The Budapest Memorandums pertain solely to nuclear attacks.

Preliminary Thoughts on the Ukraine Situation

Russian invasion or legitimate secessionist movement? And does it matter?

Obama Syria Speech Instant Reaction

I’ve been up since 3 am and drinking since 6 pm, so my reaction to a presidential war speech at 9 am may not be the definitive word

Obama’s Hamlet Act

The president’s public dithering on Syria is drawing jeers from friend and foe alike.

Coalition of the Willing Forming for Syria Strikes

The United States will go to war without UN or NATO approval.

Syria: What Now?

As President Obama’s red line has been crossed more brazenly, he continues to sound reluctant to intervene in Syria while positioning forces to do just that.

Reconsidering The Petraeus Hagiography

The scandal now surrounding David Petraeus should lead people to reassess his past record.

Russian Troops In Syria?

Russia may be getting more involved in the Syrian conflict.

Ratcheting Up the Rhetoric…

Is the rhetoric in the war of words between the U. S. and Iran ratcheting up?

Syria and the Responsibility to Protect

We’re running out of excuses.

U.S. Calls For Assad To Step Down In Syria, But Options Are Limited

The U.S. and its allies are calling on Bashar Assad to step down, but there’s little we can do when he says no.

A Russian Looks at the War in Libya

A take on the conflict that’s probably different from the one you’ve been reading.

Foreign Policy and Elections

Politicians in office have a nasty habit of behaving completely differently than they promise on the campaign trail.

Libya Exit Strategy

Tom Ricks doesn’t understand why we need an exit strategy in Libya.

Libya Coalition Politics

The uneasy coalition that coalesced around action in Libya will be strained by decisions to come.

What is the United States Doing in Libya?

What are the limits of Resolution 1973? Are there any?

Yet Another War

America is about to enter a third war in the Muslim world with no clear idea of the end game.

U.S. Pushing U.N. Security Council To Authorize Direct Intervention In Libya

The Obama Administration is asking the U.N. Security Council to authorize direct military intervention in Libya. The question is, why now?

Twitter Standard Time

The CNN Effect has given away to Twitter Standard Time.

Egypt Balancing Act