Weiner Slips In First Poll Since New Revelations

The first poll conducted in the wake of new revelations of inappropriate online conduct by former Congressman Anthony Weiner shows that he has sunk significantly in the polls:

Mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner has suffered a massive erosion of support among New York City Democrats following revelations this weekthat his sexting with women continued long after his 2011 resignation from Congress, a new NBC 4 New York/Wall Street Journal/Marist Poll has found.

Weiner’s favorability rating among registered Democrats has tanked since June, from 52 percent to 30 percent, according to the poll conducted Wednesday. Over that same period, the percentage of Democrats who said they had an unfavorable impression of Weiner spiked from 36 to 55.

His lead over City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has also evaporated; 25 percent of Democrats said they’d now vote for her in the Sept. 10 Democratic primary, and 16 percent said they’d back Weiner. A poll conducted last month had Weiner leading Quinn 25 percent to 20 percent.

“These new revelations have cost Anthony Weiner the lead in the Democratic field,” said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. “His negatives are at an all-time high.”

The reversal puts Weiner among a pack of contenders for the second spot in a runoff, which is looking increasingly likely, as no single candidate appears able to break the 50 percent mark. Weiner is now in a statistical tie with Public Advocate Bill de Blasio and former Comptroller Bill Thompson, who are both at 14 percent.


Democrats were split on whether Weiner should drop out of the race, as several candidates and newspapers have demanded. The poll found 43 percent of Democrats said he should quit, and 47 percent said he should keep running, numbers within the 4.2 percentage point margin of error.

Weiner has vowed not to drop out.

The poll also found that 46 percent of Democrats said the sexting scandal mattered a great deal or a good amount to them when it came to deciding who to support. More than a third — 35 percent — said the scandal didn’t matter to them at all.

Assuming this holds up in other polls, one wonders how long Weiner really could last in this race.


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Doug Mataconis
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  1. bill says:

    carlos danger is in danger! the man has no shame, what an embarrassment for all his supporters. his wife will bail in a year or so, she was hoping he’d win so she could get some more money out of his worthlessness. i was reading an article just yesterday by some woman who was preaching “forgiveness”……sure honey, like you’d forgive your man for txting his johnson to young girls while you were pregnant and even after. who does she think he’s married to- hillary?
    just go a a “happy ending” massage parlor for crissakes.

  2. stonetools says:

    I used to think Weiner had a good chance. Now I think he’s done.
    It’s one thing to forgive someone’s sexual indiscretions if you think the indiscretions are safely in the past. It’s another thing if the person is still struggling with the problem.
    Looks like the only Weiner family member qualified to be a public servant is Huma.

  3. Caj says:

    Wiener was an absolute fool to do what he did I don’t think anyone would say he wasn’t. He’s being crucified for NOT having sex with anyone, yet other politicians leave their wives,have affairs, forgiven by God and all is well with the world! It’s rather a double standard here as stupid as it was to do.

  4. JWH says:

    That headline had me snickering.

    Of course, I snicker at every Weiner headline these days.

  5. Neil Hudelson says:

    It’s worse than it appears. I’m sure the support he does enjoy is probably quite soft and shrinking rapidly. For someone so experienced, I’m surprised that he ended so prematurely. And to think, just a week ago it looked like he’d be able to ride this out and eventually slide into home.

  6. rudderpedals says:

    I thank Weiner. He is generating enough material to birth an “OTB After Dark” up top tag.

  7. bill says:

    @Neil Hudelson: i think the ny papers wanted him to win just for all the double entendre’s they could use!

  8. JKB says:

    Was it a phone poll? Because we’ve heard he doesn’t last that long over the phone. 30 seconds and done.

  9. Gustopher says:

    Weiner poll: support softening.

  10. James Pearce says:

    Weiner is an embarrassment. If he doesn’t drop out, he deserves to lose badly.

  11. the Q says:

    “…yet other politicians leave their wives,have affairs, forgiven by God and all is well with the world! It’s rather a double standard….”

    I think the problem is he started doing this AFTER he was caught. If Larry Wide Stance was caught in another men’s room, no way he would be able to stay in office.

    Weiner is a sociopath and has deep issues and so does his wife. Does it strain credulity to think he wouldn’t be doing this same thing as Mayor?

    And his constant denial that he doesn’t have an “addiction” is the first sign that he needs serious help. In fact, he stated that he is “seeking” counseling. My God, didn’t that occur to him, like about 18 months ago?

  12. mantis says:

    Counseling for what? Being a sleaze? Weiner is not suffering from a disease. He’s a lech. He needs shame, not counseling. His wife needs to dump his ass.

  13. Tony W says:

    Lest anybody think they should let this go, just check out the riproar over San Diego’s new-ish mayor Bob Filner. It is clear here in America’s Finest City that one can’t effectively lead a city when nobody even wants to be alone in the room with you.

  14. Tony W says:

    A link would have been polite….

  15. bill says:

    @Tony W:i believe only republicans can be womanizers, it’s just how it is in the msm.

  16. Tony W says:

    @bill: No – both parties have their share of scoundrels, but only Republicans continue to defend their own when they act like jerks.

  17. Vast Variety says:

    My inner third grader can’t read any of these stories without bursting out laughing.

  18. Tyrell says:

    The fact that this man is running for political office is a statement on the state of this country. He should be ashamed to even show his face in public. And who would be shameless enough to get into this sort of thing with him? So despicable. I wonder if some sort of laws were broken here.

  19. bill says:

    @Tony W: really, so why aren’t they all denouncing weiner and filner ? do they need someones blessing?

  20. Pinky says:


    I used to think Weiner had a good chance. Now I think he’s done.

    I never thought he had a good chance, because it was obvious that he was going to do something like this, or there would be rumors of it, or more details of past actions would come out. Even New York City at its worst moments has standards.