Wow, Was He Stupid

The father of Chelsea Clinton’s boyfriend and former Congressman is in prison. Apparently he fell victim to a 600 year old scam…several times.

Initially, Mezvinsky became the victim of “just about every different kind of African-based scam we’ve ever seen,” federal prosecutor Bob Zauzmer told 20/20 for a report to be broadcast this evening.

But then, says Zauzmer, Mezvinsky began to steal from clients and even his own mother-in-law to raise the money to try yet another scheme.

“He was always looking for the home run. He was always trying to find the business deal that would make him as wealthy as all the people in his social circle,” said Zauzmer.


Prosecutors say Mezvinsky used his connections to the Clintons and his son’s social relationship with Chelsea to persuade people to give him money to participate in the scams.

Mezvinsky traveled to Nigeria numerous times and ultimately lost more than $3 million as a victim of the scammers.

Prosecutors say Mezvinsky fell particularly hard for what is known as the “black money” scam. Victims are told millions of dollars have been coated with black ink so the money could be smuggled out of Nigeria.

The scammers then offer to sell a special, expensive chemical to remove the black ink so the currency can be used.

Prosecutors say Mezvinsky fell for at least three separate “black money” schemes that he thought would bring him millions.

Amazingly stupid. I mean, okay to fall for the scam once, your a bit gullible and maybe a bit dim, but three times?!?!? And to think this man served in Congress.

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Steve Verdon
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  1. Triumph says:

    Amazingly stupid. I mean, okay to fall for the scam once, your a bit gullible and maybe a bit dim, but three times?!?!? And to think this man served in Congress.

    There is NO WAY this guy could have engaged in these scams without Hillary knowing. It is clear that the Hillzilla’s presidential campaign is finished before its even started.

  2. Mark says:

    Either he forgot Bill is not the president anymore, or is counting strongly on Hillary winning the 2008 election so he can buy a pardon…

  3. Uncle Pinky says:

    Wasn’t it Twain who said “Let us assume that you are an idiot, now let us assume that you are a Congressman; but I repeat myself.”

  4. Eneils Bailey says:

    Uncle Pinky,
    You are right about that, but even Mark Foley did not get sucked in that many times.

  5. madmatt says:

    Now he may be a nice boy…I am sure the bush twins are just as embarressed by their father!

  6. Michael says:

    Mark Foley did not get sucked…

    Eneils, bad choice of words.

    Seriously though, I hope Chelsea thinks long and hard about this boyfriend’s DNA.

  7. hardtime says:

    Why does the fact that the money-grubbing wannabe served in Congress surprise you? Was it that he didn’t hide the “black money” in his freezer?

    Some of the biggest scams in history have been perpetrated on those who thought they were too smart to be had. Just ask Maria Teresa Thiersten Simoes-Ferreira Heinz Kerry.