Delaware Town Rejects Naming School After Joe Biden

Even in his own home state, a Vice-President can’t get no respect:

President Obama already has seven schools named after him, but his vice president still has some catching up to do.

Delaware voters may have sent Joe Biden to the Senate six times, but it seems they are not quite ready to name a school after him.

The News Journal (DE) reported yesterday that Brandywine School District officials asked local residents to vote on a name for a new elementary school that is being built on the former site of Hanby Middle School in north Wilmington.

Biden’s name ended up as one of the finalists, but ultimately Delawareans voted to keep the same name. The new school will be Hanby Elementary School.

The News Journal reported that a anonymous campaign popped up online in early January urging Delaware residents to not vote for Biden, saying it was inappropriate to name a public building after an elected official who is still alive.

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  1. jfoobar says:

    This would be more embarrassing if they were not simply rebuilding a school on the site of a previous school. Unless there was new historical revelations to suggest that this “Hanby” person was somehow unworthy of the honor bestowed upon their memory by the original school naming (which I will assume is not the case here), it makes a lot of sense to not change the name. Doing so would be far more of an insult to the Hanby family than not naming the new building after Biden would be to the vice president.

    Frankly, my default reaction to hearing about schools/bridges/whatever being renamed to honor a more current figure is to feel a twinge of outrage that the memory of the original honoree is being somewhat sullied.

  2. Matt says:

    Joe Biden’s Big F*cking Elementary

    It has a nice ring to it.

  3. G.A.Phillips says:

    President Obama already has seven schools named after him

    lol wt……..