Harry Reid Begins Negative Campaign Against Tea Party-Backed Opponent

Via the Washington Post’s David Weigel, I see that Senate Marjority Leader Harry Reid has begun his negative campaign against Republican Sharron Angle, starting out with her professed desire to eliminate Social Security and her ties to Scientology:

As George Will noted yesterday, Reid does have a path to victory despite the polls:

In Nevada, Harry Reid might, on a good day, get to 43 percent in Nevada. So he has to figure out in his canny way how to win with 43 percent. Here’s how you do it: You spend a lot of money to take down your most — what you think is your strongest opponent. You pick your opponent.

There are six other lines on that ballot, independent candidates. That’ll disperse the vote. And there’s a none-of-the-above in Nevada. You can vote, “I don’t like any of these people.” So in that sense, he may have brought down to 43 percent the winning total and his — his threshold of victory.

Anything who thinks Reid can’t win this is kidding themselves.

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