George Will Leaving GOP Over Donald Trump

George Will isn’t just refusing to vote for Donald Trump, he’s leaving the GOP entirely

Are Republican Politicians Afraid Of Rush Limbaugh?

The GOP has sold its soul.

Newt Gingrich Embodies Everything Disagreeable About Modern Washington

George Will’s disdain for Mitt Romney pales in comparison of his disgust at Newt Gingrich.

George Will Flip Flopped On Mitt Romney Flip-Flops

The venerable conservative columnist once endorsed Romney as a “good option for the Right” but now calls him “the pretzel candidate”

George Will Slams Mitt Romney, And The Right

George Will reminds conservatives to look in the mirror if the prospect of a President Romney dismays them.

2012 Republican Nominee Will Be …

With co-frontrunner Mike Huckabee out, Mitt Romney looks stronger than ever.

Quote of the Day – Prohibition Editon

In the fight between law and appetite, bet on appetite.

Some Real Questions For Elena Kagan

George Will has some real questions for Elena Kagan. Too bad nobody’s going to ask them.

Fitting in at CPAC

Hilzoy Retires

Ezra Klein to WaPo

George Will – Never in Blue Jeans

George Will’s view of denim is about forty years out of date.

Sarah Palin, Ignoramus