The Republican News Bubble

We’re entitled to our own facts.

Trump and the Constitution

When checks and balances aren’t enough.

Piling on George Will

A bad column is worse than expected.

George Will’s Obtuseness

Normalizing Trump via poor analysis.

The Faux Haley Boomlet

The press really needs to stop trying to make fetch happen.

Disclaimer of the Day

An amusing lede to an exasperating column.

The Senate Dress Code

Much ado about nothing?

Neither Trump Nor DeSantis?

An unconvincing column from an old pro.

Tucker Carlson’s Depressing Realization

The fired propagandist has had an epiphany about bullshit.

George Will on UATX (Part II)

Wherein I examine UATX specifically.

George Will on UATX (Part I)

Will discusses a nascent university and in doing so produced a cliched column about higher education.

Mar A Lago Mar A Lago

Politics, Law, and the Mar-a-Lago Search

That’s some catch, that Catch-22.

DC Statehood and Power Politics

More voice, more votes, more representation.

George Shultz, 1920-2021

The longtime public servant has died, aged 100.

Former Right-Wing Media Star Turns Against Right-Wing Media

So, it turns out that Fox News wasn’t really all that fair or balanced.

President Donald J. Trump boards Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Md. Friday, July 10, 2020, en route to Miami International Airport in Miami President Donald J. Trump boards Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews, Md. Friday, July 10, 2020, en route to Miami International Airport in Miami

Trump Fires Campaign Manager Again

The President does not like his poll numbers.

Trump vs Biden on the Protests

The contrast could not be more clear.

Our Awful Criminal Justice System

A stroll down memory lane.

Is Partisanship a “What” or a “Why”?

The conversation continues. (Warning: it is over 3000 words).

Biden’s Veep Search

Every Democratic woman seems to be under consideration.

Rush Limbaugh Has Advanced Lung Cancer

Sad news from the conservative talk icon.

Are Our Critics and Commentators too White?

Should the pundit class look more like America?

Should NeverTrumpers Become Democrats?

A considerable number of Republican have effectively left our party over Donald Trump. Should we go all the way?

The Political Reality Of Impeachment

While the drumbeat for impeachment of the President continues on the left, political reality suggests caution.

There’s Too Much Money In Politics Because There’s Too Much Politics In Money

Do you want to get money out of politics? You need to get politics out of money.

George Will on Trump’s Fed Nominees

Let’s just say that he isn’t impressed.

Post-Mueller Recriminations

The mea culpas and I-told-you-so’s are rather premature.

A Senate Surprise In The Garden State? Probably Not

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez is running for a third term under a dark ethical cloud. That probably won’t matter.

Madison, Will, and the Ambitions of the GOP

Madison was right about politicians and ambition. He just didn’t see the how it would all play out.

George Will: Vote Democrat in November

The dean of conservative columnists argues that the Republican Congress must be taught a lesson.

Charles Krauthammer Dies of Cancer, Aged 68

A towering figure gone much too soon.

Pence And Trump Teams Clash As Pence Tries To Assert Control Of Republican Politics

Quietly, Mike Pence is seeking to create his own power base inside the GOP even as the White House pushes back.

Mike Pence Thinks A Year Is Long Enough For The Russia Investigation

Mike Pence’s obsequiousness to his master knows no limits.

Supreme Court To Hear Case That Could Deal Major Blow To Public-Sector Unions

Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear oral argument in a case that could prove crippling to public employee unions across the nation.

George Will on Alabama and GOP Politics

On the special election for US Senate in Alabama

The Most Dreadful Inaugural Address in History

A speech traditionally used to unite was instead a continuation of a divisive campaign.

Supreme Court To Hear Argument In Free Speech Case

An important free speech case is coming up this week at the Supreme Court.

George Will Leaving GOP Over Donald Trump

George Will isn’t just refusing to vote for Donald Trump, he’s leaving the GOP entirely

Strategy and the Garland Nomination

George Will’s column on the Garland nomination sparks a few thoughts.

George Martin, the ‘Fifth Beatle,’ Dead at 90

The producer behind a group of music legends has passed away at the age of 90.

Internet Hoaxes Can’t Be Debunked Anymore

People don’t much care whether information supporting their prejudices is true.

Fixing the Debates

Everyone is sick of the current approach. The candidates are looking for a new one.

How Much Will Trumpism Damage The Republican Party?

Even if Donald Trump isn’t the Republican nominee in 2016, he could still end up causing real harm to the party’s chances of winning the White House and holding on to the Senate.

Trump and the Polls

He’s second in national polls!

Past Opposition To Same-Sex Marriage Could Hurt Republicans In The Future

A long history of opposing marriage equality could end up hurting Republicans even though that battle is over in this country.

Should Lawmaking Be Left to Congress?

Should the Legislature take back legislating from the Executive?

Fear And Loathing In The Age Of Ebola

As usual, politicians and pundits are helping to create a climate of fear and concern about Ebola that is not justified by the facts.