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The Bikini Whacks Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

The Bikini Whacks Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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First: Mr. Prosser – Kramer’s “Mansierre” will be marketed heavily in Rio in 2016.

Second: al-Ameda – Chick-Fil-A sells out

Third: Donald SensingAnnouncing the motto of the 2016 Olympics: “What Happens in Rio Stays in Rio!”


J-Dub – Two Greek women cheer on their soccer team.

Art SmithTwo members of the Brazilian womens Olympic volleyball team were disqualified when Olympic officials discovered they were actually male transvestites. Officials explained: “Sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between men and women athletes. These guys did a good job disguising their actual gender with creative apparel choices, including astonishingly well coordinated accessories.”

G.A. Phillips – The other Packer fans?

John425 – Ah, the Boys of Summer!

MstrB – I though East Germany stopped sending a women’s team to the Olympics

Rufus T. Firefly – Ah, se ela soubesse que quando ela passa o mundo inteirinho se enche de graça e fica mais lindo por causa do amor.


The Boys from BROzil fail to win the coveted NEET endorsement.


Chick-A-Fil here we come!!!

Just another product advertisement from Kramzil, Inc. (a subsidy of Kramerica corporation)

The Thursday Contest is already having a ball.

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