Grumpy Uncle Joe?

Say it ain’t so!

Newsweek For Sale

Another Ridiculous Demand For Obama’s College Transcripts

Once again, people are demanding to see Barack Obama’s college transcripts for no good reason.

China’s Ghost Cities

“The Toughest Times Any President Has Ever Faced” ?

In his farewell speech on Friday, Rahm Emanuel said that the Obama Administration had faced tougher times than any previous President. That is a fundamentally absurd idea.

Conservatives Suddenly Love Hillary Clinton

Conservatives seem very eager for Hillary Clinton to get back on the campaign trial, but it’s not going to happen.

Why Paved Roads Are Being Converted to Gravel

Is the left to blame for unpaved roads?

Should We Fear A Lame-Duck Congress ?

Will Democrats use a lame-duck session of Congress to pass legislation they can’t get through otherwise ? They might try, but I doubt they’ll succeed.

The War Against Air Conditioning

What exactly is it about air conditioning that has some people so upset ?

Defending Keith Olbermann