In Revolutions, The Worst Often Rise To The Top

The Robespierres in the House of Representatives are driving American politics in a predictably horrible direction.

Judicial Supremacy vs Popular Constitutionalism

Who should have the final say on the law of the land?

The Great Disappointment

What’s a Republic?

What meanings might the Founders have had? How should we understand the term?

Notre Dame Cathedral Hit By Major Fire

A major, destructive fire hits one of the most historic churches in the world.

French Court Strikes Down Burkini Ban

A high-level French Court has struck down the ban on the so-called ‘burkini’ adopted by many towns along the French Riviera.

Freedom Of Speech, Blasphemy, And International Relations

Sacrificing our principles in the face of mob violence is never a good idea.

There Are No “Europeans”

The problem with Europe may not be the Euro, but the fact that there really aren’t any Europeans.

A Trip Down Memory Lane (Militaries and Democracy Edition)

A few thoughts/historical examples, as to why I am guarded in my optimism on Egypt.

Compressing History

Revolutions don’t happen over a weekend.

Is Non-Violence Really Limited?

Would non-violence really have failed against the Nazis? History suggests maybe not….

Is War Ever Worth It?