Biden to Name Blinken for State and Sullivan for NSC

The 46th President’s foreign policy team is taking shape.

NSC Pandemic Office Wasn’t Shuttered, Just Consolidated

Dueling Washington Post op-eds are sowing confusion.

Trump’s Decision To Leave Reagan-Era INF Treaty Is A Foolish Mistake

President Trump is preparing to scrap a thirty-year-old treaty that marked the beginning of the end of the Cold War. It would be a foolish mistake.

U.S. Navy Reviving Atlantic Fleet

Seven years after deactivation, the U.S. Second Fleet will be patrolling the North Atlantic again.

Mueller Investigating Gulf State Influence, Too

Americans actings as agents for Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have been working hard to manipulate the President.

Should Lawmaking Be Left to Congress?

Should the Legislature take back legislating from the Executive?

Nakoula Basseley Nakoula Is Not A “Political Prisoner”

Debunking a conservative myth that has arisen in connection the Benghazi story.

U.S. Ambassador To Libya Dead, U.S. Embassy In Cairo Attacked, In Protests Over Obscure Film

A day of protests over a film nobody has ever heard of has lead to the death of the U.S. Ambassador to Libya.

Cash For Clunkers Was A Boondoggle From The Start

It was clear from the start that “Cash For Clunkers” was a bad idea.

Mitch Daniels Making Opening Moves For 2012 Run

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels appears to be quietly putting together the beginnings of a campaign for President of the United States. Don’t count him out by any means.

Mitch Daniels for President?

Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels is superbly qualified for the presidency. But our system virtually assures that he won’t be a serious contender for the job.