Men Outnumber Women Among American Rape Victims

The majority of all rapes in America take place in prison. Which means the majority of rape victims are likely men.

Criminal Injustice

A system designed to protect the innocent has instead become a menagerie to imprison them. A legal code designed to proscribe specific behavior has instead become a vast, vague, and unpredictable invitation to selective enforcement.

Prison Rape and the 13th Amendment

The state has an 8th Amendment duty to protect those it incarcerates from brutality, a duty which it quite often fails to carry out because of indifference and the hiring of “corrections officers” who are often of incredibly low intellectual caliber and moral character.

Prison Rape

Rape is the de facto sentence for prisoners placed in many of our prisons and penitentiaries.

Domestic Prison Abuse

Many of the things that happened at Abu Ghraib routinely take place in our domestic penitentiary system.