A Photo for Saturday

The holiday week of photos from DC continues.

Saturday’s Forum

A Photo for Friday


The Tip O’Neill Era and Why Governing was Easier

A reminder of how things (specifically the party system as a whole) have changed.

A Consensus Speaker of the House!

More centrist fantasies.

No Room for Palin in Party She Remade?

What to make of her second straight loss?

Friday’s Forum

Increased Diversity in the 118th Congress

The next Congress will look a bit more like America than did the last.

Alaska Voters Had Real Choices and Made Them

Every vote counted, with refreshing results.

Gun Control Around the Anglosphere

Our English-speaking brethren have much less tolerance for massacres than we do.

Thanksgiving Traditions

As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly.

A Photo for Thursday

Thanksgiving Forum

Happy Thanksgiving from OTB!

Alaska Results in

MAGA loses again (twice)

House Margin Exactly Flipped

There will be 222 Republicans and 213 Democrats in the next Congress.

AP Fires Reporter For Reporting

James LaPorta is being scapegoated for poor editorial process.

The Colorado Club Shooter [UPDATED]

New details are emerging about possible motivations.

The Centrist Fantasy

Can moderate Republicans take back their party?

Moving Away From Off-Off Year Elections

Localities are consolidating local elections to coincide with national ones. Some don’t like that.

A Photo for Wednesday

Laptop News

One of these laptops is more important than the other.

Barr on Trump

Waaaay too little, waaay too late.

Red and Blue States Aren’t Permanent

The margins for 2024 are likely to be slim. But that hides a larger story.

A Photo for Tuesday

“DC Shapes”

Tuesday’s Forum

A Photo for Monday

B&W Capitol Profile

Monday’s Forum

Speaking of Trump and Russia…

You know, Russia, Russia, Russia.

Herschel and Werewolves and Vampires, Oh My

Tales from the GA campaign trail.

Districting and the 2022 House Results

The lines aren’t everything, but they need more attention than they get.

Sunday Morning Tabs

In case you need some reading this morning.

Sunday’s Forum

Not Both Sides

One of these things is not like the other.

Hakeem Jeffries, Fox News, and the Dangers of Sloppy Rhetoric

It would be nice if politicians and cable news outlets were more responsible.

Saturday’s Forum

Boebert Wins

It was a squeaker, but this one is a win for the MAGAs.

Lessons from the Fetterman Victory?

This kind of “analysis” drives me nuts

A Photo for Friday


Friday’s Forum

Thursday Tabs

Go ahead and pop a few.

Trump Hemmorhaging Donors and Backers

The ship is abandoning the sinking rat.

Thursday’s Forum

Leadership Battles in the GOP

Losing has a way of creating intraparty strife.

Republican Governors Don’t Like Trump

Alas, it probably doesn’t matter.

Biden Running But Not Running

The re-election campaign is quietly forming but don’t expect an announcement any time soon.

Trump’s Run Exasperates GOP Elite, Thrills Dems

Some of the early reactions to the inevitable announcement tell the tale.

Trump Announces 2024 Run

Covering the coverage.

Wednesday’s Forum