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Redstate notes that the candidates supported by Daily Kos’s $547,157.97 fundraising effort had a less-than-stellar evening:

# Tony Miller — Lost
# Ben Konop — Lost
# Dan Mongiardo — Lost
# Richard Romero — Lost
# Samara Barend — Lost
# Jeff Seemann — Lost
# Nancy Farmer — Lost
# Ginny Schrader — Lost
# Jan Schneider — Lost
# Lois Murphy — Lost
# Jim Newberry — Lost
# Brad Carson — Lost
# Tony Knowles — Lost
# Stan Matsunaka — Lost
# Richard Morrison — Lost


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  1. Dodd says:

    I don’t know about the others, but Tony Miller ran against my Congresswoman (Anne Northup). I volunteered for her first campaign in 1996 for over a year and really, really like her. This is a majority Democrat district and every race she’s ever run has been a tight, down-to-the-wire affair. Her 4 point victory two years ago was considered pretty comfortable.

    She beat Miller like a rented mule: 60-38. Usually we get to hear her victory speech sometime around 11 PM. Last night I was congratulating her – after her speech – at around 8:30 (the race was actually called for her 25 minutes after the polls closed but she waited until 8 so that people – like me – who didn’t get to leave our election day postings until 7 could get there).

    Mongiardo was also a Kentucky race – against Senator Bunning. Thanks to some impolitic comments by Bunning and a dastardly smear campaign by the local media using those statements as the basis for insinuating that Bunning had gone senile, Dr. Dan actually closed a 15-20 point gap in the last month. But when the returns finished coming in, Bunning had won by 2%, the same margin he won by six years ago. And that, I suspect, was the best performance of any of Kos’ donees.