Pakistani Taliban Says It Will Kill Perez Musharraf If He Returns As Planned

Former Pakistani President Perez Musharraf is planning to return to his home country Sunday, but the Pakistani Taliban says it will kill him if he shows up:

(CNN) – The Pakistani Taliban vowed to assassinate former President Pervez Musharraf if he returns to the country as planned Sunday, a spokesman for the terrorist group said in a video message online.

Tehrik-i-Taliban will send out a “death squad” to kill him, Ehsanullah Ehsan said Saturday.

One of the squad members addressed Musharraf in English, demanding the former president surrender himself.

After resigning in 2008, Musharraf spent five years in self-imposed exile in London and Dubai.

He plans to fly on a commercial airline into Karachi on Sunday, then attend a rally that will include Pakistani expatriates from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, he has said in a statement.

He plans to lead his political party into Pakistan’s general elections slated for May.

In 1999, the then-chief of Pakistan’s army became its president in a bloodless military coup. He remained in power until resigning in 2008 — a period that included the U.S.-led invasion of neighboring Afghanistan.

A few months before he left office, Benazir Bhutto — Pakistan’s first elected female prime minister — was killed in a gun-suicide bomb attack as she was wrapping up a campaign rally in Rawalpindi.

Now, Musharraf is risking a similar fate.

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  1. michael reynolds says:

    Well, good, maybe that will keep the Taliban too busy to be shooting school girls.

  2. OzarkHillbilly says:

    My money is on the Taliban.

    @michael reynolds:

    Well, good, maybe that will keep the Taliban too busy to be shooting school girls.

    Doubt it. The Taliban always have extra bullets for young girls trying to educate themselves.