Eighth Democratic Debate Raises Question Of Whether We Need This Many Debates

The eighth Democratic debate raises the question of whether we really need this many debates.

Is The Donald Trump Implosion About To Begin?

The fallout from Donald Trump’s debate performance, and his comments afterward, continues, and it’s leading some to wonder if we may finally be at the end of this ridiculous charade.

Eliot Spitzer Plots Return To Politics With Run For NYC Comptroller

Is 2013 the year of second acts in American politics? Eliot Spitzer seems to be the latest disgraced politician to hope that it is.

Can Occupy Wall Street Win?

The Occupy Wall Street movement faces obstacles its Tea Party counterpart didn’t.

Katie Couric to CNN? Does Anyone Care?

Despite early rumors that she would be fired when she proved not to be worth $16 million a year, Katie Couric has hung on as anchor at CBS. But her contract’s up in May and CNN seems to be the highest bidder. If not the only bidder.

“Crossfire” by a Different Name

CNN is launching a debate program featuring one host from the Left and another from the Right. Why not call it “Crossfire”?

Elliot Spitzer Gets Prime Time Show On CNN

Client No. 9 will be appearing every weeknight at 8pm Eastern.

English Only Laws