Federal Judge Suggests Charleston Shooter Dylann Roof May Not Be Competent To Stand Trial

The Federal Judge presiding over Dylann Roof’s murder trial suggested late last week that Roof may not presently be competent to stand trial. This does not mean that he’ll be set free, though.

John Hinckley Jr. Will Not Be Charged In Death Of James Brady

An entirely unsurprising decision from Federal Prosecutors in Washington, D.C.

James Brady’s Death Ruled A Homicide

Could John Hinckley, Jr. face murder charges 30 years after his attempted assassination of President Reagan?

Jodie Foster Comes Out, Surprising Only John Hinckley

In news you’ve known for years, Jodie Foster has announced that she’s a lesbian.

Palin ‘Target’ Graphic in Perspective

Palin’s infamous “target” poster recycles a theme used by both parties over the years.

Let’s Take the Politics of the Giffords Shooting Slowly

The shooting of Representative Giffords is tragic and undeniably political. Still, we need to be cautious about accusations and speculation.