Caption Contest Winners

The Bushurkey Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

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The Winners

First: Brian J.Why, the golden eggs can easily pay for next year’s invasion of Iran!

Second: The PirateMeanwhile, outside at a protest Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton demanded to know why Bush only pardons white turkeys.

Third: FreakyBoy – “You know, back in my Houston partying days, I woke up next to one of these in fishnet stockings.”

Honorable Mention:

AdjustahThe 2006 Budget report…

Laurence SimonKarl, you don’t need to go through all this trouble to get a pardon from me. Just take off the turkey suit and we’ll face this like men.

McGeheePresident Bush thanks Harriet Miers for her loyal service, and apologizes for that whole silly Supreme Court appointment thing.

Gaijin BikerStung by criticism that the Iraq war damaged America̢۪s relations with Turkey, President Bush takes decisive action.

AnnaWell I’ll be, I didn’t realize just how much Bob Byrd looked like a turkey!

In The News … Award (These seemed to require special recognition)

charles austin
Reuters headline: “Bush Fakes Turkey Pardon”
CNN Headline: “Bush Pardons Fake Turkey”
AP Headline: “Bush Saves Life of Turkey While Soldiers Continue to Die In Iraq”
Agence France-Presse Headline: “Bush Remains Defiant as He Refuses to Bring Troops Home to Witness Turkey Pardon”
UPI Headline: “Senator Reid Claims President Misled America Concerning Time of Turkey Pardon Ceremony”
Al Jazeera headline: “Crusader Armies Feast Yet Again on Sacred Muslim Soil”
NY Times Headline: “Under Bush Americans Are Ever More Obese Even as Hunger Grows”
Washington Post Headline: “Bush Steps Up Attacks On Anti-War Critics With Turkey Pardon”
Daily Mirror Headline: “Turkeys Pardoned by Bush Named Rove, Libby”
Pajamas Media Post Title: “Turkey? What? Bush League? Who? Why Am I Here?”

Rodney McCain’s Bottom of The Barrel

McCain – Watch closely, Mr. President . . . when I pull out it says “AFLAC” ! !

The Monday contest is already catchin’ some rays

The next Riding Sun contest has started as well.

Urban Elephants also has Shiksappeal.

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