The CA Recall

The system is not defensible.

The Reality Show Party?

Another R/D cleavage?

Weak Parties and the CA Recall

With an appearance by Caitlyn Jenner’s choice of party.

Anatomy and Gender

Science can’t precisely locate gender but it’s neither fully biological nor fully genetic.

Trump Administration Rescinds Obama Era Guidelines On Transgender Students

Not surprisingly, the Trump Administration has revoked guidelines to public schools that required accommodation of transgender students.

Houston Voters Reject Anti-Discrimination Ordinance

Houston voters rejected a broad anti-discrimination law largely due to a campaign that focused almost exclusively on concerns about transgender rights.

Some Republicans Can’t Seem To Admit That Racism Was Behind The Charleston Murders

It’s been obvious from the moment the news broke that the murders in Charleston were rooted in racism, but some Republicans have had trouble acknowledging that.

Rachel Dolezal Resigns As Head Of Spokane N.A.A.C.P.

This should be the end of this story, but it probably won’t be.

The Strange Case Of Rachel Dolezal

The head of the Spokane NAACP has apparently been lying about her racial background, and that’s led to a whole other argument.

Transgender Historical Revisionism

Does an individual’s changed gender identity alter history?

Bruce Jenner Is Now Caitlyn Jenner

The former Olympian has made a transition.