German Coup Plot Averted

Twenty five alleged plotters have been arrested

Nord Stream Pipeline Sabotaged; EU Blames Russia

The CIA warned of his months ago but the Biden administration is being cautious.

Biden Pleads for Regime Change in Russia

The President commits a Kinsley gaffe.

The Limits of Comedy

Controversies involving Jimmy Kimmel and “The Simpsons” highlight a perennial question.

From Der Spiegel

The Ukrainian Situation: I Yam What I Yam

There are lots of different ways of looking at the situation in Ukraine—historical, game theoretical, and interpersonal perspectives.

U.S. Faces More Blowback Over Revelations Of Spying On Allies

The blowback from yesterday’s revelations about U.S. surveillance on European allies continues.

New NSA Leaks Reveal Spying On European Union, European Allies

The latest NSA leaks are likely to prove to be diplomatically embarrassing.

German Police Fired Only 85 Bullets in 2011

The Germans are taking this austerity thing a little far: their police fired only 85 shots at humans last year.

Osama bin Laden Raid Controversial in Germany

The free world rallied around the United States after the 9/11 attacks–but not all back the killing of the man who ordered it.

Covering the Coverage of the Diplomatic Leaks

The major outlets that received document drops from Wikileaks are covering the story in different and interesting ways.

Wikileaks Releases Treasure Trove Of Iraq War Documents

In what is being described as the largest leak of secret documents in U.S. history, Wikileaks has made public more than 400,000 documents related to the seven year long Iraq War.

Hezbollah Supports Restoration of Jewish Synagogue in Beirut

Hezbollah can tolerate the restoration of a synagogue, but many Americans are apoplectic about a Muslim community center and mosque two blocks from where the WTC once stood.

Three Different Takes on the Leaked “War Logs”

Three different ways they’re viewing the leaked “war logs” across the Pond.

WikiLeaks Documents A 21st Century Pentagon Papers ?

Will the Wikileaks document dump give even further impetus to the growing sentiment that the United States needs to leave Afghanistan ?

WikiLeaks Publishes 90,000 Stolen Classified Documents

The scumbags at WikiLeaks have published a huge trove of classified documents provided to them by one or more traitors in our military.

Comic Books and the War on Terror

For universal icons, albeit fictional ones, to suddenly become partisan props is a bit sad.

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