Redistricting and Race

While Republicans will likely take over some key governorships and state legislature after November’s midterms, America’s changing demographics will limit their ability to gerrymander safe districts.

Koran Burning Day Overreaction

Everyone from David Petraeus to Sarah Palin is speaking out against a nutbag pastor’s Koran burning event. While they’re right, they’re emphasizing the wrong message.

Most Sexist Ad Ever Isn’t An Ad

The webmaster of a local Republican chapter linked a YouTube video that implies Democratic women are ugly.

Ok, So What is the Problem with Cordoba House?

If the response to Cordoba House isn’t basically being anti-Muslim, what is it?

Anti-Muslim Sentiment In America: It’s Not Just About A Mosque Near “Ground Zero”

Protests against mosques aren’t just limited to Manhattan. And that’s a problem.

Republicans Avoiding Gay Marriage Ruling

The Republican Party is keeping relatively quiet on the Proposition 8 ruling. That’s a good idea.

Why Police Dog Shootings Provoke Outrage

Americans get apoplectic at stories of police officers shooting people’s pets but seem unphased when they shoot innocent human beings.

Andrew Sullivan’s Underdogs

Andrew Sullivan welcomes two more dogs to the Dish.

Obama: African-Americans ‘Mongrel People’ (Other Americans Too!)

President Obama went on TV and said something true. What was he thinking?

San Fran Pet Ban?

San Francisco is considering banning the sale of pets in the city limits.

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Caption Contest Winners

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