Political Conventions In The Era Of The National Security State

Security at the Republican Convention in Tampa looks more like a war zone than a political convention in a democratic republic.

Aurora Massacre Laws That Wouldn’t Have Prevented Aurora Massacre

Nicholas Kristoff figures that, if we can’t ban guns, we can at least make them safer.

Overall, babies in homes with cats or dogs were about 30 percent less likely to have respiratory infectious symptoms -- which included cough, wheezing, rhinitis (stuffy or runny nose) and fever -- and about half as likely to get ear infections, research shows (AFP Photo/Robyn Beck) Overall, babies in homes with cats or dogs were about 30 percent less likely to have respiratory infectious symptoms -- which included cough, wheezing, rhinitis (stuffy or runny nose) and fever -- and about half as likely to get ear infections, research shows (AFP Photo/Robyn Beck)

Babies With Pets in Home Healthier

Babies who grow up with dogs and cats in the home are healthier, a new study finds.

Creative Class Myth Debunked?

Does talent spawn growth? Or does growth attract talent?

Is The Right Letting Obama Win By Falling For His Distractions?

Phony wars on Stay At Home Moms, dogs, and Osama bin Laden. The Obama campaign is pointing at the shiny object, and the right is falling for it.

This Campaign Has Gone To The Dogs

Last week, an absurd campaign became even more absurd.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Have Another? Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Chicago Style Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Maybe The GOP Should Just Go Ahead And Nominate Rick Santorum

At the very least, nominating Santorum would let the GOP test a hypothesis that’s been debated for years.

A Classically Conservative Argument on Same-Sex Marriage

Maggie Gallagher’s anti-gay marriage argument is an example of pure conservative thinking.

Iowa GOP Declares Santorum Caucus Winner As Iowa Beclowns Itself

This year’s Iowa Caucuses stand as Exhibit A for an argument against Iowa being first in the nation.

The End Of The Ames Straw Poll? Don’t Count On It

The Ames Straw Poll isn’t going away any time soon.

Pizza is a Vegetable

Twitter is abuzz with news that Congress has declared pizza to be a vegetable. It’s actually not news at all.

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The I WON Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

A Decade of Lost Freedom

Measuring our progress a decade after the 9/11 attacks

OTB Caption Contest Winners

The Four Dogs Playing Poker Edition OTB Caption ContestTM is now over.

Chicago School Bans Kids From Bringing Lunch From Home

Should kids be required to buy their lunch at school rather than bring whatever their parents might pack for them to eat?

You Can’t Make the Government Perfect, But You Can Make It Better

It’s institutions of government – not its size – that matter when it comes to how good a job the government does.

The Size of Government Is a Non-Issue: A Late Night, Caffeinated Manifesto

It’s not the size of your government that counts — it’s what you do with it that matters.

The Leftward Drift Of The Democratic Party

Oddly, the Democratic Party seems to be responding to the 2010 midterms by moving further left.

Random Bag Searches Coming To D.C. Metro System

Washington D.C.’s 34 year-old Metro system is about to become the latest stage for Security Theater.

Whether They Like It Or Not, Democrats Seem Stuck With Nancy Pelosi

There are grumblings from within the Democratic caucus in the House that Nancy Pelosi may not be the best choice for Minority Leader. Unfortunately for Democrats, though, they don’t seem to have a viable alternative at the moment.

New York Times Calls On Democrats To Reject Pelosi

The New York Times has joined the mostly muted chorus calling on Democrats to select someone other than Nancy Pelosi as their new Minority Leader. In all likelihood, their call will go unheeded.

Nancy Pelosi Staying as Minority Leader

Nancy Pelosi is strongly considering staying in Congress as Minority Leader. It’s her job if she wants it.

How Republicans Have Set Themselves Up To Fail

The GOP looks likely to win substantial victories next Tuesday, and may even take control of both Houses of Congress, but they’ve already made their own failure inevitable.

VFW Endorses Non-Vet Over Allen West, Retired LTC

The Veterans of Foreign Wars has endorsed Ron Klein, who never served a day in uniform, over retired LTC Allen West, a decorated veteran of several foreign wars. Is this an outrage?

Redistricting and Race

While Republicans will likely take over some key governorships and state legislature after November’s midterms, America’s changing demographics will limit their ability to gerrymander safe districts.

Koran Burning Day Overreaction

Everyone from David Petraeus to Sarah Palin is speaking out against a nutbag pastor’s Koran burning event. While they’re right, they’re emphasizing the wrong message.

Most Sexist Ad Ever Isn’t An Ad

The webmaster of a local Republican chapter linked a YouTube video that implies Democratic women are ugly.

Ok, So What is the Problem with Cordoba House?

If the response to Cordoba House isn’t basically being anti-Muslim, what is it?

Anti-Muslim Sentiment In America: It’s Not Just About A Mosque Near “Ground Zero”

Protests against mosques aren’t just limited to Manhattan. And that’s a problem.

Republicans Avoiding Gay Marriage Ruling

The Republican Party is keeping relatively quiet on the Proposition 8 ruling. That’s a good idea.

Why Police Dog Shootings Provoke Outrage

Americans get apoplectic at stories of police officers shooting people’s pets but seem unphased when they shoot innocent human beings.

Andrew Sullivan’s Underdogs

Andrew Sullivan welcomes two more dogs to the Dish.

Obama: African-Americans ‘Mongrel People’ (Other Americans Too!)

President Obama went on TV and said something true. What was he thinking?