US vs. Google

The Justice Department claims the search giant abused its power.

States File Suit Against F.C.C. Decision To Dismantle Net Neutrality Rule Changes

A group of 21 states has filed a petition to review the F.C.C.’s recent net neutrality rule changes, but it faces an uncertain future.

The Internet is Getting Faster


Mozilla CEO Resigns In Wake Of Controversy Over Gay Marriage Stance

The CEO of Mozilla resigned today amid controversy over his position on same-sex marriage. The triumph of “political correctness,” or just the will of the marketplace?

GMail Permanently Broken?

For weeks now, I’ve found Gmail virtually unusable. I’ve tried switching back to Firefox from Chrome. I’ve tried turning off Google Labs. Nothing seems to work.

Chrome World’s Most Popular Browser, Overtaking Internet Explorer

Google’s Chrome browser has overtaken Microsoft’s Internet Explorer to become the most used browser in the world.

Color Coding Blogs by Political Bias

Andy Baio and friends have undertaken an interesting project: color coding political blogs to track bias.

Yahoo FAIL

My more-or-less defunct Yahoo email account is being used to send out spam messages to people in my address book.

Firefox 4 Beta Incompatible with Gmail

Firefox 4 Beta doesn’t work well with Gmail, or at least Gmail as I have it configured with various Google Labs add-ons like “Send & Archive.”

Google Runs Your Life

Google Chrome Bleg

G-Mail Weirdness

Twitter Virus

Site Issues

Beltway Traffic Jam

Firefox 1.0 Sucks

Mozilla Gains on IE

Firefox Redux