Geert Wilders ‘Wins’ Dutch Elections

The trend toward hard-right parties continues.

Trump’s Been Indicted. What Now?

We’re in uncharted waters.

Macron Wins Re-Election

The boring moderate beat the neo-Nazi with 58% of the vote.

Jacques Chirac, Former French President, Dies At 86

Jacques Chirac, who served two terms as President of France and was a strong opponent of the Iraq War, has died.

Macron Scores Decisive Win Over Le Pen In French Presidential Election

Centrist candidate Emmanuelle Macron scored a decisive win over the far-right Marine Le Pen in today’s runoff round of the French Presidential election.

Macron Holds Decisive Lead Over Le Pen As French Election Heads Into Final Hours

Emmanuel Macron holds a decisive lead over Marine Le Pen as the French Presidential election heads into its final hours.

Macron and Le Pen Advance To Runoff In French Presidential Election

French voters face a stark choice in the May 7th runoff for President. Hopefully, they’ll make the correct choice.

Obama’s Absence From Paris Rally: Egregious Diplomatic Error, Or Much Ado About Nothing?

Some are criticizing the President for not going to Paris for yesterday’s rally.

Jacques Chirac Corruption Trial

Former French president Jacques Chirac is being tried on corruption charges stemming from misconduct as mayor of Paris.

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France Key to Iraq Deal?

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French Riots Escalate

Chirac a Good Cowboy?

Seven Days Later

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