Donald Trump Is The President Of Trumpland, Not The United States

Donald Trump speaks largely just to his base, ignoring the nation as a whole. Whether this will be enough to win re-election in 2020 is an open question.

Trump Declines Request to Lower Flag for Capital Gazette Victims

What was once a rare symbol of national mourning has become so commonplace as to be meaningless.

Has National Debt Increased More Under Obama Than Bush?

Obama has borrowed slightly more money in 3 years than Bush did in 8. Does it matter?

Debt Under Obama Increasing Faster Than Under Bush

The debt has increased at a faster rate in the past three years than in the previous eight, but assigning blame isn’t what matters.

If It’s August, It Must Be Time For Fake Outrage Over The President’s Vacation

President Obama is back on Martha’ Vineyard for a ten-day vacation. The usual suspects are upset.

Dumbest GOP Meme Yet: Does The President Deserve A Vacation ?

The Obama’s are vacationing on Martha’s Vineyard again this year so, of course, it’s time for people to say stupid things about Presidential leisure activities again.