Nobody goes there anymore. It’s too crowded

Michael Barone on out-migration from some Blue states.

The Tip O’Neill Era and Why Governing was Easier

A reminder of how things (specifically the party system as a whole) have changed.

How Much Will Trumpism Damage The Republican Party?

Even if Donald Trump isn’t the Republican nominee in 2016, he could still end up causing real harm to the party’s chances of winning the White House and holding on to the Senate.

Barone not Learning

Barone tells some tales to make himself feel better.

Retroactive Line of the Day (“Data? We Don’t Need no Stinking Data” Edition)

I just came across Peggy Noonan’s pre-election column. It is quite illustrative.

Conservative Media Bubble

If you’re a white Southerner who gets most of his information from Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, you probably don’t know a lot of people who voted for Barack Obama.

America Not a Center-Right Nation Anymore

President Obama easily won re-election last night, carrying virtually all of the battleground states. Meanwhile, abortion, gay marriage, and recreational marijuana also won big.

2012 Presidential Election Predictions

The OTB gang give their best guess at the outcome of the 2012 presidential contest.

How Romney Lost The Economy As A Winning Issue

The biggest surprise of the Presidential race to date is the fact that Mitt Romney has lost the edge he once had on economic issues.

Santorum Admits He Cannot Win The Nomination Without A Brokered Convention

Rick Santorum’s campaign is starting to tilt at windmills.

Sarah Palin Blasts Media For “Blood Libel” Against Her Over Arizona Shootings

Sarah Palin released a statement today about the Arizona shootings and the debate that has followed. It’s unlikely to help her.

President Ron Paul?

Obama Winning Florida

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Tipping Points

Daily Poll Roundup

CA in Play?

2004 Versus 2000