The 14th Amendment, Section 3

Trump betrayed his oath. That should disqualify him from office. That’s the whole point of section 3 of the 14th.

Star Trek Goes Woke!

Has a franchise that’s always been political gone too far?

RVA Pro Gun Rally 2020-11 Streets of Richmond, VA RVA Pro Gun Rally 2020-11 Streets of Richmond, VA

Vigilante Politics

We’re likely to see more instances like the Capitol Riot and the Kyle Rittenhouse shootings.

US Party System Evolution

A quick overview and some examples to start a longer conversation.

Trump Quotes Pastor Who Predicted ‘Civil War’ If Trump Was Impeached

Trump threatens civil war if he’s removed from office.

Corey Stewart Caught Praising The Confederacy In 2017 Campaign Video

The Republican Party’s nominee for Senator in Virginia really is as bad as you’ve heard, probably worse.

The Confederate Flag Has Always Been About Hate, Not “Heritage”

The people who continue to claim that the Confederate Flag is about anything other than hatred, racism, and a nation that celebrated slavery are lying to you and to themselves.

Abraham Lincoln, 150 Years Later

150 years later, Abraham Lincoln continues to inspire us.

Supreme Court To Decide If State Can Deny License Plate With Confederate Flag Design

The Supreme Court is set to decide if the state can deny a license plate with the Confederate flag design because it is “offensive.”

Lessons from a Dying Ulysses S. Grant

The diary entries of a dying Ulysses S. Grant shed some interesting insights into a different time.

The War of the Rebellion and the Naming of the American Civil War

The history of what to call the American Civil War.

Was The American Civil War Avoidable?

Rather than asking whether it was “worth it,” the important historical question regarding the Civil War is whether it could have been avoided.

Rejection Letters of the Philosophers

A new blog, Rejection Letters of the Philosophers, “imagin[es] what the greats of history might have been faced with, had they been forced to publish or perish.”

Was the American Civil War Worth It?

Yes, it ended slavery. But at a huge cost.

Die Hard’s Enduring Appeal

An excellent essay by Adam Sternbergh “On the Enduring Appeal of ‘Die Hard.'”

150 Years Ago Today, The Bloodiest Day In American History

Today is the anniversary of a significant turning point in the Civil War.

US Civil War Death Toll Much Higher Than Thought

Historian J. David Hacker argues that the death toll from the US Civil War is much higher than we think.

The American Civil War on Cable News

What if in 1861 a cable news network existed to broadcast the events of the day?

Things not to Celebrate: Secession

Roughly 150 years ago, the CSA was born. Is this something worthy of celebration?

Afghanistan, 2050

Proper Nouns, RIP

Winning the Iraq War?

Is War Ever Worth It?