Sunday Afternoon Tabs

The number of open tabs is just getting silly.

The Two Speakers

MAGA Republicans have owned themselves whilst trying to own the libs.

Monday Morning Tabs

Gotta clear ’em all!

Iran Attacks Israel

Some initial thoughts.

Cancer Vaccine Looks Promising

Trials of mRNA treatments are going well.

Arizona Republicans Block Abortion Ban Fix

They can’t help themselves.

Israel Kills Qud Force Leaders; Iran Vows Revenge

Another escalation in the longstanding “shadow war.”

Francis Scott Key Bridge Disaster

Some interesting tidbits.

A Modest Racial Realignment

Explaining the inexplicable.

Trump Guts RNC

A purge of the professional staff for, well, reasons.

US Considering Recognizing Palestine

But probably won’t.

Tab Clearing for the Weekend

So many open tabs, so little time.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden portrait style Donald Trump and Joe Biden portrait style

Trump v. Biden

Economic Chart Edition.

Biden and Netanyahu at Odds Over Gaza War

The inevitable has happened.

Kevin McCarthy Likely to Leave Congress

The unworkable Republican caucus is about to get less workable.

Tabo Tuesday

The (American) Politics of Israel-Palestine

Pick a side. No nuance allowed.

House Leadership Crisis Continues [Updated]

Jim Jordan is trying to bully his way into office. It almost certainly won’t work.

California Senate Sinkhole

A race a Democrat will definitely win will be the most expensive in US history.

McCarthy Won’t Run For Speaker. Now What?

We won’t have Kevin to kick around anymore.

Trump and Christian Nationalism

A satisfying but unlikely explanation.

The Senate Dress Code

Much ado about nothing?

Biden’s Reverse Midas Touch

His message isn’t getting through. Is it the messenger?

Trump Indicted in Georgia

This makes four.

President Joe Biden talks on the phone with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Monday, May 9, 2022, in the Oval Office. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz) President Joe Biden talks on the phone with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.), Monday, May 9, 2022, in the Oval Office. (Official White House Photo by Adam Schultz)

Biden Wants Federal Workers Back at the Office

A pandemic-inspired perk seems to be going away.

Grumpy Uncle Joe?

Say it ain’t so!

Doug Burgum Trying to Buy His Way Into the Debates

The North Dakota governor really, really wants to be on TV.

Yet Another Example of the Weakness of US Parties

The parties do not control their labels.

Corporations and Pride Month

Damned if they do and damned if they don’t. Sometimes both.

Glenn Youngkin May Run After All

Virginia’s governor is reportedly taking a shot at the 2024 Republican nomination.

When Does Politics Stop Being Politics?

When we do it, it’s negotiation. When they do it, it’s hostage taking—and terrorism.

Biden’s Diet

Let him eat cake.

Unrepresentative Democracy and Child Labor

We’re getting weird policies almost nobody is asking for.

Class Sorting in American Politics

Most high-income Congressional Districts are Democratic and low-income Districts are Republican.

’60 Minutes’ Past its Prime

A format unchanged since the Ford Administration* doesn’t suit the modern era.

Biden Reversing Trump on Space Command HQ

It’s taken more than two years to undo a silly, petty decision.

Reporter Fired for Calling DeSantis Propaganda ‘Propaganda’

Truth is not an absolute defense against termination.

Trump Remains Odds-On Favorite for 2024 Republican Nomination

As tired as we may be of him, his nominating electorate appears ready for another round.

Saturday Morning Tab Clearing

Some stories worth noting but not at great length.

Debbie Stabenow Retiring

The Michigan Senator’s stepping down at a reasonable age shocked everyone.

Clearing Tabs and Making Takes

In case you need some NYD reading.

The Colorado Club Shooter [UPDATED]

New details are emerging about possible motivations.

Republican Governors Don’t Like Trump

Alas, it probably doesn’t matter.

Trump 2022’s Biggest Loser

The 2020 loser has doubled down on losing.

Pelosi Attacker an Illegal Alien

They’re not sending their best people.

The Media is Biased Against Us!

Journalists openly root for a good story.