Park51 Muslim Center May Get Public Financing

The controversial Muslim center near Ground Zero may get public financing.

Ron v. Rand

It would appear that the Pauls have different views on Park51.

Mosque Opponents: Bigots, Opportunists, and Krauthammer

The only reasons Michael Kinsley can conjure for opposing the Park51 project are bigotry and political opportunism. Unless you’re a really smart columnist.

Ron Paul on Park51

Representative Ron Paul does not mince words on the subject of the Park51 project.

Ok, So What is the Problem with Cordoba House?

If the response to Cordoba House isn’t basically being anti-Muslim, what is it?

Is The GOP Anti-Islamic ? No, But They Are Playing With Fire

The GOP is playing a dangerous game with the anti-Islamic rhetoric that it seems to be courting these days.

Cordoba House and the Power of Political Marketing

If it was called the “Burlington Coat Factory community center” would anyone care about Cordoba House?

Hezbollah Supports Restoration of Jewish Synagogue in Beirut

Hezbollah can tolerate the restoration of a synagogue, but many Americans are apoplectic about a Muslim community center and mosque two blocks from where the WTC once stood.