What Does a Superhero Owe Us?

The new Black Panther movie raises a variant of the central question of the superhero genre. [No significant spoilers]

ISIS is Winning

The United States and Europe are giving everything the perpetrators of the Paris attacks hoped for.

Bill Cosby vs. Ben Roethlisberger

Chris Rock wants us to remember that Bill Cosby isn’t the only celebrity accused of rape.

Where’s The Outrage Over The Outrage?

When everything’s an outrage, is anything outrageous?

Jawa Report Turns 10

Blogging has changed much over the last decade, and not all for the good.

Paul Ryan’s Marathon Fish Story

In a radio interview last week, Paul Ryan claimed to have run a sub-3 hour marathon. He did no such thing.

Education as Job Training

Economist Bryan Caplan argues that our educational system does not prepare our children for the modern economy.

Guilty Until Proved Innocent. And Even Then.

Our 24/7 media culture has created a climate where persons accused of sensational crimes are presumed guilty.

Bringing Magazine Ethos to Newspapers

Magazines routinely run great pieces by highly biased writers. Why can’t newspapers do the same?

Pension Outrage

How to Blog Good

Army Strong

Bush’s New Deal?