Jon Huntsman: Suck-up

Presidential wannabe Jon Huntsman wrote some embarrassing letters about President Obama and the Clintons.

Budget Deal Postmortem: Who Won?, Who Lost?, Does It Matter?

What, if anything, does the budget deal mean for the future?

Sports Illustrated Ends Print-Only Subscriptions

Sports Illustrated is trying to force subscribers to pay for a bundle of web and print services. Bad idea.

Where Are America’s Jobs?

What happened to the 15 million jobs that were supposed to be created in the past 10 years but weren’t?

Filibuster Reform On The Agenda For 2011?

For the first time in 35 years, the Senate may finally be on the verge of reforming the filibuster.

FCC Adopts Net Neutrality Rules, Neither Side Happy

The Federal Communications Commission is using a statute from the 1930s to try to regulate the technology of the 21st Century. It’s a mistake.

The Senate’s Most Conservative Member: Eliminating Earmarks Won’t Save One Dime

Okahoma’s James Inhofe has a message for the Tea Party movement — don’t be fooled by the “War On Earmarks.”

The 112th Congress: A “Do Nothing Congress”?

Republicans are promising two years of gridlock and obstructionism if they take control of Congress, but is that really what the people who are likely to vote for them next week really want?

HOPE Poster Artist Losing Hope

Shepard Fairey, the artist behind the iconic HOPE poster, is disappointed with President Obama.

The Politics of Compromise

Most voters want their representatives to take a stand.

Should We Fear A Lame-Duck Congress ?

Will Democrats use a lame-duck session of Congress to pass legislation they can’t get through otherwise ? They might try, but I doubt they’ll succeed.

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