Who’s A Conservative?

While most Americans consider themselves “conservatives,” some conservatives exclude most Americans from the definition.

Mitt Romney Gearing Up: Disclosure

Mitt Romney has hired my wife’s boss as his pollster.

Another Observation about the 17th Amendment

How would appointed Senators affect the partisan mix of the Senate?

3 of 4 Service Chiefs Oppose DADT Repeal

The commander-in-chief, secretary of defense, and chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff all support removing the ban on gays in the military without further delay. A long-awaited Pentagon study showed no reason not to do so. But three of four Service chiefs disagree.

Liberals, Tea Party Seem United In Ire For Debt Commission Proposal

The immediate reactions from left and right to the proposals from the Chairmen of the Debt Commission are about what you’d expect.

Report: 70% Of Soldiers Support DADT Repeal

New details are out about the upcoming Defense Department report on repealing Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

When It Comes To Ideological Purity, Democrats Can Be As Dumb As Republicans

A call for ideological purity in the Democratic Party in today’s New York Times demonstrates that Democrats can be just as foolish as Republicans.

Playing The Gender Card In The O’Donnell Backlash

At least one Christine O’Donnell supporter thinks that Republicans who aren’t jumping on are bandwagon are doing so because of her gender.

Gingrich Draws Fire For Remarks About Obama’s “Kenyan Worldview”

Newt Gingrich is drawing fire for his comments about that the President has a “Kenyan world view.” But, will Newt every pay the price for his inflammatory rhetoric ? Don’t count on it.

Delaware GOP Primary In The Tea Party’s Crosshairs

Delaware’s September 14th Republican Senate Primary is shaping up to be the next battle between the Establishment GOP and the Tea Party movement.

Should We Fear A Lame-Duck Congress ?

Will Democrats use a lame-duck session of Congress to pass legislation they can’t get through otherwise ? They might try, but I doubt they’ll succeed.

Obama Endorsement A Negative In Battleground States

Barack Obama may not be doing much campaigning in the fall if recent poll numbers are any indication.

Will Republicans Filibuster The Kagan Nomination ? It Depends What You Mean By “Filibuster”

Mitch McConnell says he’s open to a filibuster of the Elena Kagan nomination, but he has a very limited idea of what a “filibuster” actually is.

Brown Beats Coakley