SCOTUS Punts Religious Accommodations Issue

The central question remains unresolved.

Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Medicare For All’ Plan Is Utopian And Probably Unconstitutional

Senator Elizabeth Warren released a more detailed version of her ‘Medicare For All” plan late last week. It leaves much to be desired.

Underfunded Higher Ed

Musings on the costs of college.

Obamacare Employer Mandate Delayed Until 2015

On a slow news day, a major concession on Obamacare

VDOT Proposes Gouging E-ZPass Customers

The Virginia Department of Transportation is seeking to raise money for toll roads through a user tax on their best customers.

Do College Professors Work Enough?

David C. Levy argues college professors at teaching universities are overpaid because they don’t put in enough hours.

Newt Returns to Privatizing Social Security

Campainging like is it 1999.

Two Ridiculous Defenses of the Ryan Medicare Plan

Arguments for the Ryan Plan that characterize it as being “against bureaucracy” are apparently oblivious to the fact that private health insurance is full of bureaucracy.

Copyright Law and Higher Education

Academic publishers want to end the Fair Use of scholarly journal articles in the classroom.

Republicans Propose $2.5 Trillion Spending Cuts

The Republican Study Committee has come up with some significant budget cuts.

Memo To Congress: It’s The Economy, Stupid

Today’s job numbers make it clear that Congress has only one duty, and that is to do everything it can to stimulate real economic growth.

McDonald’s Health Plan ObamaCare Casualty? Good!

Among the unintended but not unforeseen consequences of the new health care law is that companies who were previously offering some health coverage may stop altogether. In some cases, that’s just as well.

House Fails To Repeal New 1099 Reporting Requirements

Everyone seems to agree that the new 1099 reporting requirements contained in the health care reform bill are a bad idea, but nobody wants to take the time to repeal them.

British National Health Service in Trouble?

Depending on which papers you read, the British NHS is undergoing minor restructuring, secretly planning major cuts in basic services, or doing nothing of concern.

As I Predicted…

Whisky Tango Foxtrot